Be who you are.  Be all that you are.  You are like a multi-faceted diamond, and every shade of you is magnificent.  Embrace every part of who you are, and love yourself.  You are worth all your love.


Know Your Self, Trust Your Self

Have you ever had an experience in which someone said things to or about you that felt very insulting and hurtful?  It’s quite likely that you have had that experience at least once in your life.  Can you remember how you felt to be on the receiving end of an... read more

You’re Not Alone

You’re not alone.  I know how much it feels like you are sometimes.  But you’re not.  And whatever it is that you’re facing, you don’t have to feel like you’re going through it all alone. There is so much wisdom within you, and so much... read more

Manifestation Exercise

Today I’ve got a manifestation exercise to share with you.  I invite you to do this exercise for yourself and keep a journal to record your results.  Don’t worry – this isn’t hard work.  It’s fun!  However it does take a few minutes of... read more

Are You Suppressing Anger?

Anger blocks Love. Manifestations of Love in your life include joy, gratitude, prosperity, love with others, good relationships, vibrant health, passion, success, feeling good… Anger does not always show itself in obvious form – we actually like to hide... read more

What You REALLY Want

  Ultimately there is but one True Desire – and that is to Be Who We REALLY Are. Any and every desire we have in life is but a symbol of that. ~Patricia Reed~ From: The Space Between – An Inspirational Tale of the Journey out of the Ego-Mind and into Spirit... read more

Love on the Rocks?

If you are not receiving or giving adequate love in your life, then the body connection is that you are not assimilating your vitamins properly, and vice versa, if your body is out of balance due to chronic stress, improper diet, or toxicity, and you’re not... read more

13 + 5 =


  Enjoy this energy healing meditation video for self-love and acceptance.  Intend to connect with your Inner Child and Highest Self as you allow the pain around your Heart to be acknowledged, welcome, accepted and integrated.  Embrace your ego as you allow all to be made known, all to be okay.  You Are Love.  Allow yourself to feel the Love that You Are and move into a place of self-connection, acceptance and Love.

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The Dream

A Poem by Patricia Reed

Eternal bliss flows through me, for God woke up today
and everything I thought I knew, the world just fades to gray
There is only Love and Joy and Peace, it comes from deep within
the place I forgot I hid to protect it from my sin

In their eyes I once perceived ungratefulness to condemn
but from their eyes I really saw it was all just me instead
Dwelling in a house of cards on shame and trauma built
I perceived through made-up anger to justify my guilt

I placed it all on them so I wouldn’t have to see
the pain of sin I made up so I could just be free
I believed in the illusions, I chose a dream instead
A dream of pain and suffering, a belief in sin and death

Through those I saw impoverished I found poverty in me
A belief that I was lacking; good enough I’d never be
Through those I saw in power I found myself begging attack
A victim ready and willing to say, ‘I was right! Just look at that!’

Through those I saw in jealousy, a martyr stirred to life
who knew no joy or love or peace, just living each day in strife
Please, God, please, help me see, I want to know the Truth
help me please to let this go, and let me live as You

A gentle peace, so calm, so light came rolling from my Heart
A tender voice spoke up and said, ‘Beloved, we were never apart
All you had to do was ask and be open to the Truth
When you ask, you shall receive; stop looking out there for proof!

‘Be still, my Dear, and know that You are all you seek
For I am You and You are Me, as is the sparrow in that tree
I have been here all along for you, just waiting to be let in
Heaven dances gleefully because you know you are forgiven

‘There never was any sin, you see, all of that, it was just a dream
A dream of life that you believed, but now return to Me’
With that I felt a chill and a warmth within my Heart
He asked if I’ll allow and accept and receive what He’ll impart

‘All that I ask of you is simply to forgive
Remember who you are, my Love, each day, your thanks do give’
I accept, I can’t hold back the bursting of the dam
There is only to rejoice, for I remember that I AM 

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