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They call it ORMUS Oils Ajna Meditation.  I call it Spiritual YUM.

Third Eye Ajna Chakra ORMUS - Spiritual YUM 

  • Energize your pineal gland, pituitary and hypothalamus to control hungers & desires
  • Increase psychic perceptions and talents


Physical Benefits:

Energize your pineal gland, which controls your body’s biorhythms and works with your pituitary & hypothalamus to direct activities such as thirst, hunger, sexual desire, and your biological clock.


Spiritual Benefits:


Open and energize your Third Eye Chakra to increase psychic perception and develop psychic talents.


Users of Ajna Meditation ORMUS Oil have found that it helps to integrate mind, body, and spirit under the direction of the Self’s Divine Will, so that unproductive, harmful habits can be more easily eliminated.


Many mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known the Third Eye Chakra, which is associated with the pineal gland, to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Opening and energizing the Third Eye, or Ajna Chakra is often symbolic of this receptiveness, and can allow one to realize the truth behind the veil. The spiritual path can lead one to greater knowledge and understanding, as long as one is open to receive it.


ORMUS and essential oils such as lotus, frankincense, sandalwood, and others.


These essential oils are known for their association with opening the Third Eye and increasing psychic awareness. The essential oils add another harmonic that works synergistically with ORMUS to open the doorways of intuition, helping you to gain wisdom and psychic insight.


ORMUS are high resonance energy molecules that act as superconductors in your body, to strengthen your light body, integrate the right and left hemispheres of your brain, and raise your consciousness levels.

ajna third eyeMy first experience with this was nice and interesting… and completely out-of-body.  I met an angel who had no name but called himself simply “a Melchizedek.”  Being quite unfamiliar with angels at the time, I had to go look that up. We went on an interesting journey together, and he showed me some things that I had hidden from myself – things that I had suppressed, that once I found, I was able to let go.  Maybe he would have come to me anyway… maybe it was the ORMUS Ajna oil.  He didn’t say.  But what I do know for certain is that each time I have used this with my meditations, they have been greatly enhanced.  I recommend this to anyone who’s seeking a little help to increase psychic perception, develop intuition, and enhance meditation.

So, just like chocolate, I say this is definitely candy for the mind – complete spiritual YUM.

Get your own ORMUS Ajna here. 



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