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If you are not receiving or giving adequate love in your life, then the body connection is that you are not assimilating your vitamins properly, and vice versa, if your body is out of balance due to chronic stress, improper diet, or toxicity, and you’re not absorbing your vitamins correctly, then you tend to manifest a lack of love in your life.  The energetic connection with vitamins is all about the love.

 goldExtensions of love include respect, appreciation, joy, gratitude, and happiness.  If any of these are lacking in your life experience, then here are some great tips to help you get back into balance.  You may even find yourself healing an existing relationship on the rocks, or attracting a new loving partner into your experience by resolving the imbalance in these ways:

1.  Go out and spend time in nature, especially among the trees.  Green grass, plants, and trees energetically connect you with your heart – the source of your love – through the frequency of the color green.

2.  Wear the color green more often.  Any shade of it will do.  This will also connect you to your heart.

3.  Listen to music in the key of F.  Not sure what the key of F sounds like?  Here’s a neat website where you can freely tune into the key of F.  Hum in the key of F often.  The heart chakra resonates and is strengthened by the frequency of the F key.

4.  Bless and give thanks for your food.  Gather your fruits and vegetables and give thanks and love before you eat them.  The act of blessing your food energetically transforms it into highly bioavailable nutrition for you and exponentially raises its frequency!  What you assimilate is not just food and nutrition, but also divine love and appreciation, which is absorbed to every cell in your body.

5.  Express love, respect, and appreciation to all those you meet, especially your loved ones.  Before reacting to someone in anger, take a deep breath, and think of all the things about the person that you appreciate.  Forgive others, and forgive yourself, as it is through the imperfections we perceive that life evolves.  Relationships with others are direct reflections of what we each need to work on in ourselves.  So if something bothers you about a person, it is a direct reflection of the very thing you would like to correct within yourself.  Instead of being angry at the person, instead thank that person for pointing you in the direction of what you are needing to correct in yourself.

6.  Take vitamins.  I like Vital Earth’s Super Multi the best – based in fulvic acid, so it’s 100% bioavailable, organic, and tastes delicious!

7.  Spend time with the people you love, with your pets, and engaging in activities that you enjoy.

8.  Make it a habit to say a praise of thanks for this day of life every morning when you wake up.

9.  Keep a gratitude journal.  Physically write down each thing that you receive every day, whether it’s an object, a gesture, an experience, or whatever it may be, that you appreciate.  This keeps you looking for things to be grateful for, rather than looking for things to upset you or stress you further, and also the physical action of writing it down utilizes various muscle groups, requiring specific neural connections that literally rewire your brain into habitual gratitude.  Try it out!

10.  Love yourself.  What do you love about yourself?  If you’re having trouble with that, then just find one thing.  Just one thing.  Is it your smile?  Is it the way you are thoughtful of others?  Are you generous and giving?  Are you tender-hearted?  Do you have the most beautiful eyes in the world?  Find just one thing about yourself that you love, and work your way up from there.

By integrating these practices into your life, you’ll improve your vitamin assimilation on the physical side, and all facets of love on the energetic side.

Know that you are loved and cherished and appreciated.  So let me end this post by telling you how grateful I am for you.  Thank you, with all my heart.

If you enjoyed this post and would like even more helpful information and tips on increasing Love in your life, listen to this interview from the 3/13/13 Joyce Barrie & Friends Show with me, Patricia Reed, on topic:  Let’s Talk About Love.  Just click the Play button below.

March 13th 2013 interview with Joyce Barrie on topic: Let’s Talk About Love


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