Psychic Readings via Email

Psychic reading services are provided via email.  You can get an email reading for one question, three questions, or five questions, which you can print out at any time and refer back to as needed.  These readings are not short, as I put a bit of time and give you as many details as possible in my answers to your questions. I draw upon my natural intuitive abilities to assist you with the guidance you’re looking for.  While the very best guidance is always our own Divine intuition and Knowing, there are times when we find ourselves unclear on certain things, especially when we have a larger emotional investment to the situation or outcome in question.  That’s why we have each other in this life – sometimes we can all use a little extra guidance and support from each other.

Please understand that with future readings, I can only give guidance as I see things at this present moment.  With every decision you or another person makes, different timelines are stepped into, and future outcomes change.  Think of this guidance more as a sign on your path – a sign that helps you to make a decision that is in alignment with the future you’re looking to create.  My readings are always kept confidential and given with truth and compassion, straight from my Heart.

Regarding questions pertaining to health, please read this disclaimer:  I am not a doctor or a licensed physician in any way.  Always check with your doctor and/or licensed healthcare professional when considering any sort of health advice, including that which may be indicated in these readings in response to your questions.  I am a medical intuitive, as well as an expert in metabolic health recovery – but that does not mean that I have means to run blood tests and give you any sort of diagnosis.  I am here to provide guidance only.

As there are times when I may have many requests all at once, please allow up to 7 days for your reading to be delivered to you.  If you need assistance more urgently, please click here to call me live on the phone, or click here for live chat with me if I am available.

To go ahead and request an email reading, just select an option below.  You will be taken to the PayPal portal for payment.  PayPal is not required for purchase – you need only a major credit or debit card.  Once you have purchased your email reading, you will be redirected to a contact form, where you can write out your question(s) to me.  Please be very clear about what you are asking about, and give as much information as you feel comfortable to give.

Psychic Reading from Patricia Reed


Energetic Mastery Mindset Coaching Packages

Energetic Mastery Mindset Coaching is a one-of-a-kind spiritual coaching program that I offer to dig into your deep seated subconscious programming, bring it to conscious awareness, and release patterns of self-sabotage.

We partner together to find your hidden shadows and to clear your energy blockages on conscious as well as subconscious levels.  This helps you to open up the door to fully and unconditionally Love and accept yourself.

This is a comprehensive program and is individually tailored to meet your needs.

Energetic Mastery Mindset Coaching - One-on-One Individual Sessions

Individual one-on-one coaching sessions a la carte.  Sessions are held over telephone for US residents or Skype for those outside of the US.

Initial consult session takes one hour and a one-time $297 investment.  After the initial consult, each followup session is $225 and takes 45 minutes.

Energetic Mastery Mindset Coaching Individual Sessions

Energetic Mastery Mindset Weekly Email Only Coaching

Packages are available on a weekly basis.  This allows you to go at your own pace, regardless of how busy or hectic your schedule may be.  It also allows you to decide, on a week-to-week basis, if you would like to continue with the email coaching each week, or take some time off.  It is totally up to you.  During each week you are enrolled in the Energetic Mastery Mindset Coaching Program, you receive unlimited email support from me, your coach, allowing for up to 48 hours for response, for both parties.  You will receive guidance, instruction, tools, assignments and questions which are catalysts for the breakthroughs in your life that you are searching for.


Enroll in the Energetic Mastery Mindset Weekly Email Coaching Program

Purchase 1-6 Weeks:


Or subscribe here for ongoing email support, and you will be automatically charged $96.00 USD each week for your membership in the Energetic Mastery Mindset Weekly Email Coaching Program. You can log into your PayPal account to cancel at any time you no longer wish to be enrolled in the Energetic Mastery Mindset Weekly Email Coaching Program.

Energetic Mastery Weekly Remote Energy Transmission

Energetic Mastery Weekly Remote Energy Transmissions are held just for you, once a week.  After purchasing, I will contact you so that we can decide the day and time for your personal energy transmission.  The energy transmissions assist you with clearing debris from your energetic field and help you with getting into your Heart space, and into a state of self Love, compassion, acceptance and gratitude.  You are encouraged to take the time to rest, relax or meditate during your transmission, but you will receive the energy benefits no matter what you are doing at the appointed time.

Energetic Mastery Remote Energy Transmissions may be purchased on an individual basis, a package basis at a reduced rate, or an ongoing subscription, for even more savings.

Energetic Mastery Weekly Energy Transmissions

Weekly ongoing subscription is billed every month at $217 USD.  You receive one transmission every week as long as you are subscribed.

Energetic Mastery Mindset Coaching Full Package
Get the works.  The Energetic Mastery Mindset Coaching Full Package gives you:

  • One initial consult, followed by one weekly phone session (Skype if you are from outside the US)
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • One weekly Energetic Mastery Energy Transmission
  • Free unlimited access to the Energetic Masters Membership ($360 lifetime value) for life

Subscribe for $1205 USD per month.