Patricia Reed. I can only say thank you. My trust in medical science is huge, but my belief in your ability to heal people has proven it self through my son. He is beginning to feel better. I believe you had a direct impact on him. I can only say that it is an honor to know you, and a real relief to know that you helped my family. I hope the rest of the international community will learn of you, and your abilities.

~Matthew Brandau, Germany




Although I wasn’t able to connect with the transmission in real time, when I was free I did and it was huge. A very deep blockage held from very ancient times (I got a feeling of original separation) was brought to bear, to be healed and acknowledged. As I did so, I felt my deepest heart being healed and brought to high levels of joy, once again whole after who knows how long. I felt clearly that these transmissions have an open potential which is magnificent and divine, a beautiful opportunity to reconnect and be whole and connect with Divinity. My deepest thanks Patricia, you are amazing, and its such a huge service and gift that you are offering, it brings tears of joy to my eyes. I hope these transmissions can touch many hearts and continue transforming lives. Mine has been. Infinite love and gratitude

~M. Lawrence, Spain




I just wanted to let you know I am so grateful I signed up for weekly energy transmissions. Each week I have seen a new improvement in myself and my life. More clarity, more joy, more peace and happiness. I know your work is lifting away those blocks in energy. Today would have been my three year anniversary with my ex. I find myself at peace and no longer experiencing the longing I once had for him. I have no desire to contact or see him, not even a photo or old love letter. I am open to all the new possibilities ahead of me and embrace each new day. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. After last night’s session, I was home early and asleep early. I woke at 7am and fell back to sleep until 930am! I was late for work but I allowed myself to accept that wonderful blissful sleep as a gift. It was part of my subconscious healing I am sure. With love and light, ~Michelle T.   USA




I started on my TFT regimen right after talking with you last. My initial SUD was about 8. After the first treatment the SUD went down to a 1! Successive treatments have been equally astonishing with one difference. The second treatment I could only get my SUD level up to a 4 and later treatments I am being generous if I say pretreatment SUD was 2-3. I find myself having difficulty tuning in the thought field now because the SUD has been so consistently low!! For the first time in over 35 years I absolutely feel that I’m winning my battle with this addiction!! Before I first contacted you I was frustrated with my conventional therapy and had hit a wall time and time again. I did some research and found out about TFT and decided to check it out. So I bought Dr. Callahan’s book “Tapping the Healer Within” and it sounded like exactly the thing I was looking for. However I was unsure that I would get it right so I decided to seek out a trained expert locally to help me. I found several TFT practitioners in the area but I was instantly drawn to you. At this point I am completely sold on what you showed me and I am anxiously awaiting further work with you. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you’re amazing and I cannot express my gratitude adequately with words. I’m truly happy right now and I’m looking forward to tomorrow at last. Thank you, Patricia.

~Mike R.  USA




Humans have three layers of the body, the physical body, the subtle body and the causal body. It is on our subtle body, or what Eckhart Tolle refers to as the “pain body”, where many of our unprocessed and suppressed emotions reside. I’ve found Patricia’s unique and innovative approach to diagnosing and treating emotional scar tissue to be extremely effective. Because this is being done at the metaphysical layer, her modalities take advantage of the principal of non-locality and therefore she was able to do work on my subtle body from across the country. I would highly recommend Patricia to anyone who is intent on being able to manifest their dreams. I’ve also found her knowledge of treating physical dis-ease invaluable.

~Frank Huguenard — filmmaker, USA




Patricia, you were really helpful in my first ThetaHealing session. I had new insights about some of my beliefs that years of personal development work has never touched. I appreciate how easy it was talking with you and how easily the issues were healed. The wonderful part is I can feel the difference already. I had a business problem show up today that would have been very challenging to handle in the past, but today I was able to deal with it from a different perspective and the problem side of it was easily let go of. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

~Chip Huge, PhD, CC  USA




I called into a live healing show about a month ago and was in the middle of starting another of my migraines. Patricia was one of the healers on that show. She immediately went to work. Patricia has since stopped three of my migraines in their tracks! There were no side effects, unlike my expensive prescription meds that dont always cure the migraines. When I was in the middle of a migraine, Patricia gave me an individualized tapping routine that immediately resolved my nausea. This stuff works! She’s truly a miracle in my life and I keep her on speed dial. Yesterday my little yorkie was acting a bit out of sorts and she tuned into him. She intuitively tuned into him and picked up on his anxiety. She gave me a unique tapping instruction made just for him. Not two minutes later, he was calm and sleeping in my lap. My snuggle bug was back to his calm self!

~Theresa Monro, NC, USA




I came to Patricia with anxiety over a big decline in sales and new clients and contracts at work. Four days after my first session with Patricia, I had 4 new contracts signed and checks arrived in the mail, after a very long dry spell in my business. I had been anxious and concerned about my job, and that has changed now. She was also able to help me clear up my back pain. Thank you so much.

~James B., NY, USA




My first session with Patricia was a few months ago, over a Radio Show. I saw the results, felt the results too, however, as our ‘Junk in the trunk’ issues of Trauma, Abuse,emotions, past-life issues are cleared, theres always more that comes to the surface to be acknowledge and released. A Dear friend & Spiritual Teacher recommended that I have another session with her, and I’m thankful I did. There was a missing link in why I was having a lot of problems with Trust in a Relationship as well as sexual enjoyment. As it was cleared & replaced, I saw a golden link which made me shout out ‘thats it!! that was the missing link! ” and laughed like a joyous child. Patricia embodies Compassion and Unconditional love towards her clients and its divinely felt even over the phone. Lovely voice that walks you through your journey to a Wonderful Healing.You’re Amazing Patricia, heavens blessings on You xxx

~Prem Kaur, USA




I want to Thank you for such a great Theta Healing session. I had my doubts however, working with you was such a delight. You made me feel very comfortable and safe while getting to the the core issues of my challenges. The knowledge and depth of your expertise was very en-lighting and helpful. I look forward to working with you again.

Blessings and Love,

Teri, USA




Michèle Bowen, USA




Patricia has been instrumental in helping me realize things in my life that I had to come to terms with. She helped me work through my emotional blocks which gave me the strength to let go and get on with my life. I had peace that I hadn’t felt in years. I began seeing the Law of Attraction working in my life. My business improved as well as my relationships. You have made a significant impact on my life and I am honored to call you my friend!

God Bless,

Trish Kirby, USA




After many years of searching and asking I finally found the tools to make major changes in my life, all in one place. The information contained in this course has changed my life forever. Instead of searching for all the information and only getting pieces of the puzzle, I was able to spend that time applying the tools and techniques. I am now receiving the lasting changes that I have been searching for along with more balance. I have a clear understanding of how the techniques work and how to transfer them into other areas of my life. I must admit that it was hard work, and frustrating at times, but well worth the effort. It’s hard to believe how many areas of my life have profited by just going through the course once and only focusing on one major area. Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout the process.


Estelle Smith, USA




Patricia is one of the best, if not the best intuitive I know. When I work with her she is direct and can narrow down to within a year of the date of the trauma which opens you to release it. She is such a pleasure to know and work with, and in our sessions she has helped me to remove a lot of the subconscious beliefs and programs that have kept me from my true joy and happiness. I know in my heart I would not be as free as I am right now without her. Thank you so much for being and using your gifts in this truly amazing time of transition. It is very much needed. Always keep your light, beautiful one, and know you are loved and supported always and forever. Stay peaceful and beautiful.

Peace Love and Light,

Jason E. USA




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