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Can you feel it?  Those words rising up from deep within you, sitting there at the edge of your tongue – is it now too sore from biting it all this time to keep holding back what you long to say?  It’s bursting to get out, yet you feel afraid to say it.  The energy of the collective consciousness today is that of a dam bursting open, and so many fears over potential consequences of speaking that which you can no longer hold back.  The guidance from Spirit is to let it out.  Say it.  Speak!  Communicate boldly from your Heart.  No matter how scary and uncomfortable it feels, it is time to let it be known, whatever it is.


The time has come for trust to be restored, and for clarification to ease your troubled mind.  All those questions, all those misunderstandings, what is there to keep mulling over and over?  You deserve the peace of mind that clarification gives you when you simply speak up and communicate the thoughts and feelings you are having with another.  That goes both ways – not just that the other may clarify what he or she meant, but that you may also share your own ideas and clarify anything that needs to be addressed for the other person as well.  The longer you hold onto what you’re holding onto, it festers, whereas when you speak it, get it out of your body, get it into the air, it creates the space within your body and mind for healing to occur.  It opens up the doors for Love to flow within yourself, and between yourself and others.


There is joy and delight to be found in boldly communicating from your Heart!  This is the time to celebrate, laugh, enjoy – be as a child enthralled by the magic you create in sharing your thoughts and feelings.  Don’t be afraid to play.  Fears of rejection or abandonment may have held you back all this time, from speaking from your Heart and being willing to feel playful or laugh or celebrate – but that time for you to have courage and speak up despite your fears has come.  Take that next step and let your Heart sing.


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Art © Josephine Wall



Your Body is Love's Sacred Vessel