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How do you feel about yourself?  Why do you feel that way?  In the collective consciousness energy I have noticed a lot of people putting themselves down, most especially, putting their bodies down in some way.  Whether is a sarcastic remark about their size or weight, meant to be witty, or a comment about their health, or a joke about having more or less hair than somebody else – whatever it is – Spirit’s guidance today is a reminder that your body is Love’s sacred vessel.  We are being asked to examine why it is we say certain things about ourselves and our bodies and why we feel the way we do.


If we could consciously recall how much we, as Souls, wanted to come here and be the people we have incarnated as… if we could remember how we picked out our families and the traits our bodies would have… if we had the full conscious recollection of the intense desire that brought us here, we would not so easily put ourselves and our bodies down.  We would not insult ourselves and each other.  Think about why it is you may have ever put your body down.  Was it about getting someone else’s approval?  What if, for example, you carry some excess weight around your belly or your thighs – do you hear yourself thinking critical thoughts about your body or feeling ashamed of yourself or your body?  Do you hear yourself commenting to someone else about how you don’t like your body?  If so, why?  Is it because you are in judgment of your body and therefore believe that everyone else must also be, and so you must put yourself down to the other person so that you can be in agreement with them about your body, so that you can feel acceptable to them?  Do you have a codependent need to agree with another person so as to gain their approval, and use the tactic of putting yourself down in order to gain that approval from someone else?


No one’s opinion of you matters more than does your own.  The one whose approval you need above all else is yours.  Make it a point today to get into your Heart space, identify with your Soul, with your Higher Self, and stand your body in front of a mirror and look.  Be mindful, curious, and simply observe the thoughts that come up when you look at your body.  What is each thought?  What does it say?  How does each thought feel to your body?  Are your thoughts beating up your body?  How does your Soul feel about your body?  Can you find the Love that you are and look at your body as the sacred vessel that it is for your Soul?  Can you make your own opinions of yourself and your body your top priority today, and nobody else’s?  When you approve of yourself and Love yourself, you attract others who also do.  Stop putting yourself and your body down, and instead, catch yourself when you have the critical thought, and forgive it.  Your body is beautiful no matter what it looks like, and it deserves your Love, gratitude, compassion and unconditional acceptance.  Societal programming about how our bodies should look need not carry any weight with you – how you feel about your body is far more important.  Get in touch with your Soul’s desire to be in your human body, and give your body what it needs – proper nutrition, water, air, movement, sleep, meditation, uncluttered space, nature, and most of all Love, compassion, nurturing, and acceptance without conditions.  Treat your body in thought, feeling, word, and deed, as the sacred vessel for Love that it is.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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