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Your body is sentient – an entity in and of itself, that is both part of our consciousness and its own consciousness. It literally does what we tell it – and that includes the feelings we have about it – like judgmental feelings about its size, weight, features, age, or health.  Your sentient body literally conforms to what you feel about it.  It embodies your inner child, and we, ourselves, are the parent to it.  It loves us unconditionally, because to the body, we are God.  Just as a child unconditionally loves its parents and strives to gain its parents’ love, so too do our bodies strive to be loved by us.

Your Body is Your Feeler

There is an old saying:  “you are what you eat.”  But a truer saying is this:  “You are what you feel you are, and you feel what you believe to be true.”  While you are Spirit inhabiting your body, in a way, you are also your body.  It is your “user interface system” with this 3D game field, with Earth – and it is of Earth.  It enables you to experience life in this realm.  It contains a layer of your ego, without which you simply could not exist here as a human being, as it provides the cohesion necessary for you to interact with others, with Earth… with life in this reality.

sentient body - frequenciesEvery thought you think, every belief that you have, your sentient body assigns an emotion to – and it is your body that feels it.  You, as Soul, as Spirit, do not feel these emotions.  It is your body which feels the emotions and then communicates back to you what it is feeling.  Your mind then makes a judgment about what the body is feeling, because we don’t get taught in school or church or anywhere else that it’s not for us to judge what we feel.  It is for us to understand why the emotion is there and correct the thought forms and beliefs that generated the emotion in the first place.  Emotions are energies which block our True feelings, that which we feel as Spirit – unconditional Love, joy, and peace.  Some of the higher vibrational frequency emotions are gateway emotions to our True feelings, while others of the lower vibrational frequencies are energetic blockages to our True Being.

Sentient body - body shameWhat you feel you are, you become.  So if you feel you are sick, your body will conform and become sick.  If you feel you are fat, your body will oblige.  If you hold onto lower frequency emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, worthlessness, and anger, and suppress them, the body will store them for you, in your energetic meridians and organs and cellular tissue until you choose to bring them to the surface of your consciousness to look at, process, correct, heal, and let go.

However the body was not meant to have these dissonant lower vibrational emotional frequencies projected onto itself and stored in its organs and meridians and cells for long.  When these old emotions are stored in your body for too long, your sentient body begins to manifest symptoms of dissonance:  dis-ease, illness, and even injury.

Your Sentient Body is Your Messenger

Your body also has its own consciousness, that which is of Earth, and controls and regulates itself in such a way so that our Soul and Spirit may remain embodied within it.  It knows infinitely more than we do about what its needs are, and it constantly is giving us this information about what it needs.  It is up to us to learn to listen.

Self Love is more than just about loving who you are as a soul or spiritual consciousness.  It goes beyond liking your personality or your looks or success in life.  It includes loving your body – not just because of how fit or muscular or healthy your body is – but loving your sentient body for exactly what it is.  It’s not about loving what we’ve judged as “good” and “wanted” about ourselves, but rather, it means loving every aspect of ourselves.  All that we are.

sentient body - war on cancerThat means that if your body is sick because of past thoughts and feelings that we’ve projected onto your body, you love your sentient body and the symptoms it has manifested as the result of your thoughts and feelings.  Cancer, for example, is not our enemy.  Neither is diabetes, neither is obesity, neither is any other thing that society tends to create “wars against” and battles to fight.  To fight the war against our bodily symptoms is to judge and hate and kill off various parts of ourselves, without even knowing enough to listen to why the body has manifested these symptoms in the first place.  We haven’t listened.  But to win the war – that requires complete and unconditional Love and acceptance for Self and our bodies and all the symptoms that our sentient bodies manifest.  It requires compassion for yourself and for your body.  It requires us to listen to what our sentient body is telling us.

Our symptoms are the way our bodies communicate with us to let us know where we are out of balance with our thoughts and emotions.  Just as a baby cries to get its parents’ attention, so too, our sentient bodies cry out in the ways they were designed to – by manifesting illness, dis-ease and injury, in order to get our attention and to ask us to think different thoughts and feel Love and acceptance, rather than judgment and criticism of self – and by extension, all others.

We have a tendency to want to “shoot the messenger” when the message is something we don’t want to hear.  But what we don’t realize is that our bodies are sentient, and that they are also our messengers.  The dis-ease or illness or injury is not the message.  It’s the slap across the face that gets our attention so that we can then listen to the message that our bodies have been giving us.  It’s the baby’s piercing scream.  How do you treat a screaming baby?  Do you hate it and punish it and abuse it for screaming to get attention?  Or do you go to the baby and find out what it needs, and then lovingly give it to the baby?  Your body is your baby, and it knows how to tell you what it needs.  We are the ones who need to learn to listen.

Feeling Seen and Heard

sentient body - invisibleDo you struggle with feeling invisible?  Do you often feel that you are not seen?  That you are not heard?  While this is a learned pattern, in most cases due to insufficient parenting, and having had the experience in our early childhood of one or both parents not hearing us or seeing us, or otherwise teaching us that we weren’t enough, it is also a learned behavior that we project onto ourselves.  We project this onto our bodies.  Our sentient bodies, that are telling us what they need, over and over again, and we’re not seeing or hearing the message.

To feel seen and heard in life, you must first see and hear yourself.  That means that it’s important to pay attention to what your body is telling you.  That means sentient body - pillsfeeling your emotions.  And yes, that can hurt – it can hurt so much that we go to a doctor and say, “doc, make it stop,” and the doctor gives you a pill which turns off your feeling capacity, so that you can enjoy a false sense of peace.  But your body is still telling you something that you need to pay attention to, which makes it even more difficult for you to now hear or see, because your little pill is suppressing your emotions and driving them deeper down into the body (the subconscious mind) where they remain invisible.

The thing is, though, once you start feeling your emotions and asking your body why those emotions are there, you start paying attention to your thoughts.  You start becoming aware of what beliefs you have, and what you have been saying to yourself.  You start to remember some of the hurtful things that others have said to you – and you begin to realize that it was never true.  You don’t have to keep believing these things about yourself.  And once you remove those old errant beliefs from your convictions, once you start changing the things you think about yourself – your sentient body’s message has been delivered, received by you.  You have seen yourself.  You have heard yourself.  You are making the corrections and you are healing.  Your body has done its job, and once those old beliefs and thoughts no longer trigger those old emotions, the healing is complete.  No pill required.

Feeling Safe in Your Body

When you have insecurity and fear, your body doesn’t feel safe.  This can manifest in all sorts of ways – from attracting violence into your life and against your person, to weight gain and inability to lose weight or weight loss and inability to gain weight, to difficulty and inability to attract and actualize material wealth, money and prosperity into your life experience.

sentient body - feeling safe in the bodyTo feel safe in your body, you need to pay attention to the thoughts you think, the beliefs you have, and how they feel within your body.  Provide a safe place within yourself – a place that is free of criticism and judgment.  That means that you notice when you find yourself worrying about what other people think of you.  We worry about what other’s opinions of us are when we are still critical and judgmental of ourselves and others.  Once self criticism and judgment are alleviated, the body begins to feel safe.

It’s important to ground ourselves within our bodies – but this cannot happen as long as we make our own bodies a hostile ground by holding onto our self judgments.  Pay attention to what you think about yourself.  Every time you catch yourself in a critical or judgmental thought towards yourself or your body, stop that thought.  Remember that you are not going to judge yourself any longer.  Imagine your body, once again, as your baby, and let yourself feel some real compassion for this entity that is your sentient body that has human feelings.  Love yourself and your body.  The more you do this, the safer you will feel in your body.

Co-Creating with Your Sentient Body – Bring Your Body Along with You

In terms of manifestation – we are in these bodies, living in this 3rd to 4th dimension at the moment.  That means that we can’t leave our bodies out of our manifestations.  All the progress you make spiritually and emotionally, mentally – this is all extraordinary and wonderful!  But we tend to forget our bodies because, mostly, we don’t realize just how much they are needed as our ascension process unfolds.

Aging and death are programs – programs that we do not need to continue to believe in, invest in, and support.  We don’t have to continue to shed our bodies and reincarnate into new ones.  It is all just a belief sentient body - embodying more soul and spiritsystem – one that we can transcend.

Ascension is the process of embodying even more of our Soul.  Even more Spirit.  Breaking the bonds of mental slavery, and bringing our bodies along with us.  And we can’t do this without loving our bodies and honoring everything that they are.  It is time to stop projecting all the hatred onto them – whether it’s our own body, or whether it’s someone else’s by way of anger or hatred – and instead, help our bodies to catch up to our spiritual level by listening to our bodies’ needs and giving our bodies what they are asking us for.  And that is, above all else, Love and compassion.


Mindfulness is the process of stopping the mental chatter, getting out of the past and the future, into the eternal Now, and just listening to what goes on in your mind, while paying attention to how that feels in the body.  You can start with simple exercises, like asking your body, “what does ‘no’ feel like?”  And noticing where and how your body feels “no.”  You can ask your body, “what does ‘maybe’ feel like?”  And “what does ‘yes’ feel like?”  This will help you to develop your intuition and know when you feel a “negative” emotion in the moment that you’re feeling it, so that you can stop in live time and examine the thought or belief that is causing it.

sentient body - mindfulnessAs you move forward, beyond no, maybe, and yes, you can ask your sentient body to show you what joy feels like, or gratitude, or Love, or anger, or fear, excitement, anxiety – anything you want – so that you can get into the habit of knowing what emotion you’re feeling in the moment that you feel it, so that it doesn’t have to continue to be driven down further into the body, where it affects your health, wealth and relationships.

You also learn how, by practicing mindfulness, to identify which emotions are actually yours, and which are emotions from others that are being projected onto you.  Mindfulness helps you to establish your boundaries, which are also important for feeling safe in your body.

It only takes a few minutes every day to practice mindfulness.  Consider making this commitment to yourself and your body, to take five minutes out of each day to just be with yourself and get to know what your emotions feel like and the thoughts and beliefs that generate them.


Being mindful of your breathing is also important for many reasons.  For one thing, your flow and balance of giving and receiving is associated with your breath.  Your sentient body tells you a lot by how you are breathing!  Take a deep breath in, and then slowly exhale.  Did you notice if the inhale was more difficult than the exhale?  If so, this is your body telling you, “hey buddy, you’re having trouble receiving.”  If you found that the exhale was more difficult than the inhale, this could be your body telling you, “hey, let go, you’re hoarding – time to give a little more.”

sentient body - breathingPay attention to how you breathe when you feel excited, when you feel happy, when you feel angry, when you feel sad, etc.  How do you breathe when you feel in Love?  How do you breathe when you feel grateful or joyful?  You can become aware of your breathing during moments when you feel the lower frequency emotions – and change your breathing in that moment to how you breathe when you feel happy.  This will help your body also, as your body will know that it delivered its message to you, and you saw it, heard it, received it, and took action to correct the underlying emotion.

Paying attention to your body’s messages is one of the most important steps you can ever take in the direction of living your happiest life.  Learning to see and hear your sentient body, and feel Love and compassion for it is one of the keys to ultimate Self Love and acceptance.  As you progress along your spiritual journey, remember to take your body along with you.  Don’t leave it behind.  It literally loves you.  It is not your enemy, and it is incapable of betraying you.  We can only betray our bodies – not the other way around.  Whenever you feel betrayed by your body – that is actually your sentient body feeling betrayed by you.  Stop and take the time to listen to your body, and love every single thing about it.  No matter what it is.  This is one of the most important keys to ascension and living your best possible life, creating paradise and heaven on Earth.

Would you like some assistance with any of this?  Consider coaching!  Contact me to learn more about available coaching packages and how I can help you to fall unconditionally in Love with You.

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