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meditationAs meditation is so important – such an integral and key part of your spiritual connection – I’ve explored many different ways to meditate.  I’d like to share with you what I’ve found to be the most effective and highly recommended meditation programs.


First of all, why is it so important to meditate?  Because meditation opens the channel between your mind and heart, connecting you deep within yourself to the Source of All That Is.  When you meditate, you open up your mind to listen to your heart, and you also open up your heart to be heard by you.  You interrupt the constant thoughts always going on in the back of your mind – the mind-chatter, and you can tune into your heart’s intuition and desires.  You know what to do next, after meditating.  You reduce stress levels, relax, and become much more confident, assured, and happy.


Lotus sunshineWhen you make this connection through meditation, you tap into Universal Intelligence and connect with Spirit.  Literally all knowledge is there.  The answer to any problem you are facing is there for you to tap into.  Any challenge that has ever been faced or could ever be encountered is there for you to find the solutions for.  There is a part of your being, of your very essence, that is always connected to Spirit.  It is part of who you are.  Meditation helps you to open the channels, to reconnect to this wisdom, and listen to all the answers, to know what to do, and when to do it.  The more you meditate, the faster and easier it becomes to have the answers you seek for any problem you face.


During meditation, you go through a process of letting go.  You release your worries as well as your attachment to a particular result or outcome.  When you open up your mind and heart to all possibilities – not just what you want or expect – you begin to understand that all things are possible, and it’s simply a matter of letting go and allowing it to come to you.  Remember, our conscious awareness is so limited compared to the vast knowledge and wisdom of Spirit.  Letting go of your attachments to outcome and the need to be, do, or have any certain thing, and listening to your heart, makes you unstoppable.  And it all starts by connecting to Source Energy – to your soul’s essence – through meditation.


Recommended Meditation Programs



 The Space Between Guided Meditation and Sword of Truth Clearing Session utilizes brainwave entrainment (BWE), beautiful music, sounds of nature, and a guided meditation by Patricia Reed.  The first part of the audio is the meditation in which Patricia Reed guides you through grounding into your energy bodies, and ultimately into your Heart space – the Source of our manifestations.  After being guided through the grounding process and into your Heart space, Patricia Reed then takes you through “The Sword of Truth Energy Clearing Session,” which was given to her directly by Yeshua, during a surprise visit she received from him one evening – as she wrote about in her book, “The Space Between.”  This is more than just a guided meditation, but also a true energy clearing session.  The effects are extremely beneficial and noticeable after listening and following the instructions and guidance provided within the audio.  As it is an actual energy clearing session, please pay close attention to the instructions, as energy clearing affects more than just the mind – it also helps your physical body to clear and release toxic frequencies from cells, organs and tissues.  Get rest and drink water as part of this program for the best results possible.  To learn more about The Space Between Guided Meditation and Sword of Truth Clearing Session, be sure to read Patricia Reed’s book, “The Space Between – An Inspirational Tale of the Journey out of the Ego-Mind and into Spirit.”  




Dreams Alive – Clear-Mind by Paul Bauer – I cannot recommend this meditation program highly enough.  I love Clear-Mind because it utilizes technology to tap into your heartwaves. That’s right – heartwaves.  Why is this important?  Because we manifest our desires from our hearts.  While the other meditation programs I recommend are based on brainwaves, and they are incredibly effective, it is the heartwave meditation that is the most powerful.  Clear-Mind uses new breakthrough sound technology called Uni-Chord™, which integrates the sound of ocean waves with a special blend of scientifically proven frequencies that stimulate not only your brain, but also your entire energy system.  It’s not just a meditation tool – it is an entire consciousness tool.  It activates the connection between your mind and heart, and in so doing, it stimulates the Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF), which is the core hormone sent from your heart to your brain to open up arteries, reduce blood pressure, and relieve stress.  It also helps to create endorphins in your body, which you feel during and after your meditation, allowing you to feel optimistic, calm, and happy.



Brainwave Entrainment


Quantum Mind Power System – also known as “The Morry Method,” is another meditation program that I really enjoy, utilizing isochronic and monaural beats to induce Alpha and Theta brainwaves – known as brainwave entrainment.  You put on a pair of headphone and relax, similar to the Clear-Mind meditation program in that way.  I personally love my meditation sessions using this system and find that their claims of providing super fast results are, in fact, well founded.  I’m able to achieve complete stress relief within moments of beginning my meditation sessions with this program, and the results are very long-lasting.  I recommend using this program, along with the Clear-Mind program mentioned above, in separate sessions every day, once you are accustomed  to spending larger amounts of time each day in meditation.  It’s my personal experience that both heartwaves and brainwave entrainment programs work together to make your meditation experience and results incredibly powerful.




Holosync, by Centerpointe, Bill Harris – While looking for help on ways to make meditation easier, I came across the most amazing program, called Holosync.  It’s offered by a company called Centerpointe, founded by a man by the name of Bill Harris.  After reading about the Holosync program and using their free demo CD, I immediately realized that this is among the fastest and easiest ways to get into a deep meditative state.  It really works.  In fact, it works so well, that results are actually guaranteed by Centerpointe.  With a money back guarantee, I decided there was nothing to lose, so I went ahead and began using the program, and have had my own amazing results.  Holosync works by using specific sound carrier frequencies to create new neural pathways in the brain to increase communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  It raises your stress threshold, and shortly after you begin using it, you find yourself able to deal with more than you previously could.  Things that stressed you out before using the program are suddenly not as bothersome as they were.  The longer you use Holosync, the higher you raise your stress threshold.  It’s easy to use.  You simply put on a pair of headphones and play the CD.  Your mind may go wherever it wants to.  You do not need to focus on silence or any particular thought – the program works regardless of what is going on in your mind.  You do not need any prior experience or knowledge of how meditation works in order for this program to be effective.  You can begin using Holosync even if you have never meditated before in your life.  I encourage you to go to the Centerpointe website and learn more about the Holosync program as an extremely effective way to manage stress levels and achieve stress relief.



The Meditation Program by Hale Carlton – another highly effective binaural beat brainwave entrainment meditation program that I enjoy and find to be very effective.  I think you’ll be as pleased with this program as I am.  It takes you into all the brainwave levels – Alpha, Theta, as well as Delta, for a really wonderful and relaxing meditation experience.





Guided Meditation Programs – No Brainwave Entrainment

Secrets of Meditation program by Matt Clarkson & Kevin Schoeninger – This is a guided meditation system that teaches you how to meditate at any time, without plugging into a computer, ipod, or any other device.  They offer a free e-course as well as a free sample meditation on their website, which I also highly recommend as being very effective.  This is a wonderful mind-body-spirit integration guided meditation that I have found to be extremely powerful.  I highly recommend trying this meditation program out to see for yourself.




Whatever method or methods of meditation you choose, I highly encourage you to practice and use it daily.  Meditation has been and continues to be the most powerful force for change in my own life, and I can assure you that it will mean some wonderful and major changes for your life too, once you are meditating consistently.  There is no greater power than that which you tap into when you connect your mind with your heart, for this is truly the gateway to All That Is.


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