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Waaaaah! Remember that sound? You used to make it, once upon a time, whenever you didn’t get what you wanted. We all did, didn’t we. Oh yes, we all certainly did. We made that sound when we wanted to eat and didn’t get instant gratification. We made that sound when we messed our diapers and didn’t get instantly cleaned up. We made that sound when something struck our curiosity, and we wanted to play with it, but were too little to reach it. And every time we let our parents know we were miserable, they came and gave us what we wanted.

But when we began to get a little older, we had already been programmed from our births, that the key to getting what we wanted was to be miserable. And say “waaaah.” And so we continued to use that tactic to let our parents know that we wanted something. And our stressed-out parents pacified their own stress by pacifying us – by giving us what we wanted.

So all throughout our lives, we learned in our families, as our parents learned before them, and their parents before them, that the way to getting what we want is to be miserable. And guess what? It was wrong.

This teaches us to focus on what we don’t have as our means of getting it. But what nobody ever taught most of us is that focusing on not having what we want actually creates more of “not having what we want.” How so?

Our conscious mind is the seat of our will power and intent. Our greater unconscious mind is the creator of our reality and manifestor of what we focus on. Our subconscious minds are the bridge between our conscious thoughts, will, and intent, and our greater unconscious mind that creates and manifests our reality. Your unconscious mind doesn’t understand anything but what you are focused on. And as your greater unconscious mind is obedient to the Laws of Vibration and Attraction, it reliably goes out and creates and manifests for you exactly what you are focused on. So if you are focused on something you don’t want, or on not having something that you do want, then that is exactly what you get.

How do you correct this? Once you leave your family environment, you begin to learn that this particular approach does not work. Your boss doesn’t give you a pacifier when you are miserable at your job. Rather, you end up being known around the office as miserable, and people can’t wait to get that energetic frequency that you are vibrating far, far away from them. Your partner or spouse doesn’t want to be near you when you’re miserable. They just want to make you happy. Everyone just wants you to be happy!

So if you are a parent, and your child has learned how to control you into giving him what he wants by being miserable and screaming “WAAAAAHHH” at the top of his lungs, perhaps you may want to consider teaching him at a young and tender age that the way to getting what we want in life is to be happy, joyful, cheerful, and grateful. The younger we are when we learn this, the easier and more successful lives we have.

But if you never had this lesson in life, and you would like to have these subconscious programs corrected, contact me. You can discover how to align your subconscious programming with your conscious intent, and also how to rewire the way you think, so that you don’t continue to sabotage yourself with automatic programming that tells you these lies that you have to be miserably focused and stressed out about what you don’t want, or not having what you do want, in order to receive them and be happy. That’s the opposite programming from the bigger truth.

Be. Then Do. Then Have. That’s the key to life. Your state of Being dictates the Actions you are Doing. The Having is the inevitable result of how you are Being and what you are Doing.




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