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alone in the woodsYou’re not alone.  I know how much it feels like you are sometimes.  But you’re not.  And whatever it is that you’re facing, you don’t have to feel like you’re going through it all alone.

There is so much wisdom within you, and so much within others who are just waiting to share with you.  You have angels and guides, Holy Spirit itself, all at your disposal, all within you – this is all going on invisibly to the physical eyes and ears.  So even if you can swear you’re alone, the truth is, you never are.  You can ask your own inner guidance for help, for clarity, for answers, for peace – and it shall be yours.  In Truth, it already is.

You’re Never Alone

droplet ripples never aloneSometimes prayers are answered by other people.  Your guides and angels communicate with the guides and angels of another, and someone is sent your way to assist, though neither of you may be conscious of this.  All you have to do is ask, and be willing to open your heart to another.  Listen to the wisdom that person can share with you.  Whatever it is you’re agonizing over, sometimes the perspective of another person who isn’t right there in the thick of your problem with you can see things that you can’t.  So be open, listen, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Just Ask

reach out for helpWhen I get to a place where I feel paralyzed by indecision, feeling completely alone, not knowing which way to turn, feeling stuck in ignorance, this is what I do.  I withdraw into solitude for as long as I require to work things out.  And when I’ve spent enough time in quietude and still don’t understand the answers,  I pray that a friend or teacher may be sent to me.  I’ve had that prayer answered every single time I have asked for this – one time, even as soon as five minutes later!  The wisdom that these friends and teachers have shared with me has been invaluable, and their friendships I cherish.  What a gift.  There have been times when I didn’t know if I could have gotten through my own tribulations without their support.  And each and every day, I thank them and bless them.  Sometimes it’s not a person who shows up in physical form, but rather a guide who will speak to me through my own Heart.

meditating aloneYes, sometimes we do better to withdraw into silence and solitude, as that’s what we require at a given time to heal from certain traumas we’ve perceived, and that’s okay.  Sometimes we do require space and time alone… maybe some of us even more than others.  Your guides and angels are always with you, and Spirit is always delivering the message of Source to you.  Sometimes withdrawing into solitude and deep meditation is the only way for you to hear the voice of Spirit.  But sometimes, when you can’t hear the voice of Spirit, Spirit will deliver its message to you through others.  Perhaps through an in-person visit or conversation, a phone call, a book, or maybe even a blog post, like this one.  The help and the answers you’re looking for are always at hand, and nearer to you than you may think.  Just ask, and know that you’re not alone.

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