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When my own journey to spiritual enlightenment began, I started to receive instruction from intuitives that it was important for me to “ground myself.” At the time, I had no idea what that meant. What does it mean to ground yourself, and how do you do it?

As I began to spend time meditating and opening up my own intuitive abilities to hear my own spiritual guidance, I began to ask these questions. What is grounding? Why is it important to ground myself? How do I ground myself? I’d like to share the answers I’ve received with you.

"The body is the temple of the Lord; the atmosphere of this temple is by its very nature filled with Love for all beings." ~Atharva Veda~

“The body is the temple of the Lord; the atmosphere
of this temple is by its very nature filled with Love for all beings.”
~Atharva Veda~

When our souls incarnate into these bodies, our bodies provide a temporary dwelling place for our souls while we work through lessons that are necessary for the evolution of our souls. But our True Nature is not physical. Being in our bodies is a state of being that our souls must re-learn and remember every time we’re reborn. We don’t actually want to be in our physical bodies, because physical presence is not our True State of Being. This is why we value freedom so very much – because freedom is what we unconsciously remember as our True State. The physical body is quite restrictive. No longer can we simply “think” a thought and actualize it into physical reality, as we do when we’re not in these physical bodies. We agree to live in these bodies for a time for the purpose of working out Karma between our own souls and the souls of others – to learn lessons from each other, to provide lessons for one another. We are inherently resistant to being in these bodies.

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." ~Buddha~

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment
wisely and earnestly.”

Eventually we re-learn and remember how to live in our physical temples – but when our bodies become full of energy blockages and toxicity, we want to escape them. This is why it’s so important to take care of our physical bodies. When we want to escape our bodies, we become ungrounded. The less grounded we are in our bodies, the more difficult to live in this physical world, as our ability to materialize our intents diminish. Because most of us don’t consciously remember who we are when we’re not in these physical bodies, we then begin living a life full of unfulfilled desires. We’ve forgotten how incredibly powerful we really are. Deep down, we know – we remember – that we have the ability to simply command something to be so, and it is. Instead, we believe our external reality as the only evidence of our abilities, and when we’re ungrounded, the evidence we see is that we’re quite powerless to form our external reality more to our liking. As we create our realities through our beliefs, this becomes quite challenging for us.

Since our physical bodies are perceived as restrictive by our souls, we come into life already predisposed to being ungrounded. Eventually we embrace physical life, to an extent – however, when our bodies start manifesting physical ailments, illness, dis-ease, inflammation, and injuries, as well as when we endure the trauma of abuse by others, the soul, once again, wants out of the body, where it naturally lives, free from the pain. We become ungrounded.

Suppression opens the way for our blockages to grow larger and denser while we're not paying attention or making the necessary changes to our underlying beliefs and thoughts.

Suppression opens the way for our blockages to grow larger and denser while we’re not paying attention or making the necessary changes to our underlying beliefs and thoughts.

All discomfort in the physical body – whether it’s from illness, inflammation, or even injury – has a thought “program” as the root cause of it. The thought program generates specific emotions. The emotions are there to call our attention to the errant thought programs. When we ignore and suppress the emotion that acts as our “yellow alert,” the emotions begin to gather together in the physical body’s cells and organs and meridians. Eventually they become stuck there, lodged as energy blockages, and as their lower vibrational frequencies fester, they begin to poison the physical bodily tissues and cells. And vice versa – it’s not only that thought programs cause the emotions, but emotions can also circle around and create thought forms to match the emotions, and this is how we can get stuck in the cycle of unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Our bodies are meant to be our communicators – to let us know when we are thinking and believing something that is not True. But when we don’t pay attention to our thoughts, and then we ignore and suppress the resultant emotions, we are not communicating with our bodies, and then our bodies – which operate at the subconscious level, through the autonomic nervous system – begin to take more drastic measures in order to get our attention. Illness, dis-ease, and injury then become the “red alerts” to let us know that we have got to correct our thinking, acknowledge, feel and own our emotions in order to give them release, and let go of our own harmful, external-evidence-based beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.

painErrant beliefs are toxic to our physical bodies, every bit as much as they are to our energy layers of our bodies, and our mind. Errant beliefs generate untrue thoughts. Untrue thoughts generate “negative” emotions – emotions that are of lower frequencies. Low-frequency emotions then trigger the ego-mind’s survival-based strategies. Our subconscious filters then kick in, and filter in only the data from the outer world which supports our errant beliefs. This happens because of the ego’s need to be right, and our brains are wired so as to prove us right about what we believe. Toxic beliefs then reflect back to us in various ways – including susceptibility to sensitivity to physical toxicity in the body. The immune system goes on attack, and inflammation begins. Physical pain begins. Micro-organism overgrowth – such as candida and fungal overgrowth, parasite infestation, unfriendly gut bacteria, and viruses occur. Our bodies become susceptible to harmful bacteria and viruses. Our bodies’ bioterrains become overly acidic. This intense physical stress makes our bodies into hostile environments for our souls. We become ungrounded.

Grounding yourself in your body is more than just a mental process. It also involves your physical body. One way in which to ground yourself is to make your body once again a friendly environment for your soul. Physical detoxification is a way in which to ground yourself back into your body. Oftentimes, the toxic elements that make their way into our physical bodies – such as candida, fungus, bacteria, viruses, parasites, mercury and other heavy metals – have their own thought programs which they transmit to the host (our bodyminds) for survival. If we are not paying diligent attention to our thoughts, we don’t know the difference between our own thoughts and the “survival programs” of the toxins in our bodies. We mistake the survival programs of the toxins for our own thoughts and then create our external realities based on more errant beliefs, and the cycle feeds into itself, creating further toxicity, bodily stress, inflammation, illness, and dis-ease.

"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." ~Buddha~

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…
otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

Once you’ve detoxified your physical body, it becomes easier to know your own thoughts again. It becomes much easier to work on detoxifying your mind – releasing the energy blockages from the energy bodies and letting go of the old self-sabotaging beliefs we’ve had about ourselves. Your physical body becomes a much more hospitable environment for your soul, and it’s much easier to ground yourself. When you’re grounded, you become far more able to materialize your outer reality as you prefer it. This is a physical existence we live on Earth, after all.

Other things you can do to help ground yourself include taking baths with mineral salts, eating an abundance of organic foods (eating enough food cannot be overstated!), getting proper hydration for your metabolic rate – meaning, don’t dilute yourself to the point of hyponatremia, (I like prill water the best, personally), and supplementing your diet with plenty of salt, saturated fats like real butter and coconut oilfulvic-based ionic vitamins and minerals, as fulvic-based vitamins and minerals are completely bioavailable, organic, and easily assimilated into the cells of your body, without any toxic additives or unwanted effects. Physical exercise is also extremely grounding. I like bouncing and Y-Dan (similar to qi gong) the best. Or, just go outside for a walk. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass as often as possible. Your feet actually release toxins, pulled out by the negative ions in the grass, every time you do. Meridian tapping – such as TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are also extremely grounding – not only that – but tapping also helps you to get out of psychological reversal which causes self-sabotage, while “breaking up” and releasing energy blockages from your physical and energy layers of your bodymind. 

Regarding physical health and recommendations made here in this article, please keep in mind that not all results are the same for all individuals, so I also encourage you to seek out a practitioner, health coach, nutritionist, or other licensed healthcare professional to assist you with your personal nutrition and detoxification, should you desire additional clarification or assistance. If you’d like to set up sessions with me, please know that I am not a licensed healthcare practitioner, nor am I a licensed nutritionist. I provide assistance with the clearing of energy blockages through meridian tapping and Energetic Mastery sessions, while also encouraging you to physically exercise, drink enough, but not too much, pure water, detoxify your body, and eat a metabolically correct diet with as many organic and grass-fed/free-range foods as possible. I have to advise that any changes to your diet and exercise that you make should be addressed with your doctor or healthcare practitioner.

"The best cure for the body is a quiet mind." ~Napoleon Bonaparte~

“The best cure for the body is a quiet mind.”
~Napoleon Bonaparte~

Ultimately, for as long as we’re here, our mind and body go together, with Spirit. You must take care of your mind to have a healthy body. You must also take care of your body in order to maintain a healthy mind. There is not one without the other. Being in your Heart by meditating regularly is a key component to a healthy mind and body, because when you meditate, you are in direct contact with Spirit. This is when you are able to become the observer of your own thoughts and pay very close attention to them, for it is your thoughts that direct your attention to the errant beliefs you have about yourself. Best of all is to ground yourself in your body, go into your Heart, and remember The Truth about Who You Really Are. In this way, you allow your soul to live through you for as long as you’re here… and when you live life from your soul’s perspective, along with your integrated ego, which includes the bodymind, physical life is truly a joyful experience.




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