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fortress around heart, anger barrierAnger blocks Love. Manifestations of Love in your life include joy, gratitude, prosperity, love with others, good relationships, vibrant health, passion, success, feeling good… Anger does not always show itself in obvious form – we actually like to hide anger from ourselves and suppress it, because it’s a protective shield we make up for ourselves so that we don’t have to feel the deeper pain that we formed the anger about in the first place.


How to Tell if You’re Suppressing Anger

If you are noticing annoyance, slight irritations, tendency to blame, these indicate that you’ve got deeper anger that you’re suppressing. If you’re noticing that your life isn’t going the way you’d like it to on one or more levels, it’s time to start paying attention to your feelings & emotions, notice when you feel irritated or annoyed, notice when you feel angry, and have a little talk with yourself about what’s triggering the anger and why.


Letting Anger Go

When you’re ready to let it go, you do so by acknowledging the ways in which the anger served you and thanking its presence.  You accept it, integrating it into the fullness of yourself, no longer isolating, judging and resisting this part of you who feels angry over having been wronged about something important enough to you to have gotten angry about. You have the power and the choice to do this. But be honest with yourself no matter what… anger doesn’t let go until you are honest with yourself about why it’s there and the purpose it is serving for you.


Once the anger is addressed and released, there is less of it there to block the Love from flowing in your life, and you begin to notice more manifestations of Love in various ways. Always pay attention to what you’re grateful for, and don’t take anything for granted. Let yourself feel gratitude and acknowledge who and what you appreciate.




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