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As the mind goes, so goes the body.  Whatever happens in your body, it happened in the mind first.  When you spend your time and put your power into worrying, you are actually inadvertently attacking yourself, and your body follows suit.  Your body becomes weakened, susceptible to illness, dis-ease, perhaps even auto immune disorders in which the body attacks itself, because that’s what your mind unwittingly instructed it to do.  You wind up in a doctor’s office or a hospital, looking for a magic pill to treat your body’s symptoms without understanding that the issue began in your mind, and that’s where it will ultimately be resolved.

Focusing on Fear

Fear is something we unconsciously use to paralyze ourselves, attack ourselves, and make our bodies sick with.  It’s so unconscious, we often don’t realize the fear is there, why it’s there, what it’s about.  What is it trying to tell us?

If you’re not feeling well physically, it’s time to stop worrying about your physical health for just a few moments, and ask yourself, “am I feeling afraid of something?  What might it be?”  Observe your whole life for a few moments – take stock of where you are, and where you are going, versus where you appear to be going in life.  Are you in a transition period in any part of your life?  Are you on the threshold of something new and different?  Do you have a goal that you’re working toward?  Do you have a loved one or loved ones who are getting older or are perhaps going through extreme illness or difficulties?  Are you having financial difficulties?  What are you worrying about when you’re not paying attention to your thoughts?  Are you projecting an unwanted outcome onto your idea of your future?  Are you focused on failing?  Are you focused on responsibility you’re not sure you want?  Are you focused on losing a loved one and feeling separation trauma?  Are you focused on going through your own physical pain or even death?  Are you focused on all the weight you’ve gained?  Are you focused on experiencing poverty, starvation, homelessness?

stress, suppressed fearWhatever you are focusing on, you are literally giving power and energy to – and you are also attacking your own power as a sovereign being – the perfect creation of God, who could not possibly create someone or something imperfect.  And as we associate ourselves with our bodies, mistaking our identities for these bodies we are traveling in, we are actually instructing our bodies to attack themselves.  Hence, we get sick.  We gain weight, or maybe we waste away.  We experience dis-ease.  We get into accidents.  We get injured.  And it’s all our bodies’ ways of saying “Hey! Listen up! You’ve got to resolve this now! I can’t bear your projections for much longer, I’ve done the best I can, but now you’ve got to ease up!”

What Are You REALLY Afraid Of?

We use fear to distract us from moving forward.  Perhaps you’re not sure you want something you’ve been working towards.  So you use fear to stop yourself in your tracks, and suddenly you begin to experience illness of some sort.  What’s really going on?  Now you’re focusing on your illness rather than the goal you were working towards, and you’re deceiving yourself.  Go back to the goal you were working towards and ask yourself:  “Do I really want that?  Do I really want the responsibility that comes with doing that?  Do I really believe that I can do that?  Might I fail?  Was I wrong?  What if I invested my years and finances into this career and now I’m realizing that I don’t really want it?   What if I have to start over?  Do I feel lost and confused?  What am I afraid of?  What if I don’t really want to be a mother?  Or a father?  What if all I really want is to be carefree?  Am I afraid that this path will take my freedom away from me?”  And write down your questions and answers.  Sometimes honesty with ourselves is the scariest thing of all – sometimes it’s the answers that we fear the most.  But it’s necessary to be honest with yourself in determining what it is you really want.  

Break the Loop

bubble reality, a future without fearOnce you have taken some time to talk with yourself and address your fear, make a conscious effort to change the projections you are making onto your future.  Your future is innocent.  It deserves your happiest picture.  Watch your mind in the here and now, and catch yourself when you are projecting your fears, past regrets, anger and frustration onto your future.  Forgive yourself immediately, and then change your projections to depict instead what it is that you know you want.  And take inventory of your desires on a regular basis, because sometimes what we want takes different forms.  If you’re unaware of when that form changes and what it changes to, you find yourself back in the fear and worry state.  Keep a journal and write often about what you intend to create in your life.  Ask yourself what you want and why you want it.  Ultimately it all leads to your truest desire:  to be your Truest Self – the Real You.  All you have to do is to decide what that looks like in this life.

Pay attention to your fears – don’t keep denying and suppressing them, because that’s how you give them power.  Simply acknowledge them.  Address them, talk to them – remember they are an aspect of you that want your acknowledgment and resolution.  Have compassion for yourself.  Don’t judge what you fear, but rather, speak to them as you would your own child who comes to you, afraid of the dark and the monsters, and comfort yourself as you would your child.  Be honest with yourself, and decide what you want.  Support your body with nourishing and nutritious food, rest, proper hydration, and above all, stop projecting your worries into a future that is innocent.  Stop attacking your own divinity.  Empower yourself.  As the mind goes… so goes the body.



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