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As we enter into higher frequencies, and Earth’s frequency also rises, so too are we thrust into these higher frequencies, and in the process, all that old stuff has no choice but to rise to the surface where we wade through it.  In the collective consciousness I feel a lot of raw nerves.  Many of us feel on edge and on hairpin triggers.  It feels personal, as if everyone is suddenly out to get us, as they, too, feel we are suddenly their sworn enemy.  Know that it’s not personal.  None of it is.  We are all just feeling the effects of the old stuff rising to the surface where we can’t hide it any longer.  We’ve got to face our issues.  Every person who shows up is a mirror for us right now, showing us what we’ve still got to resolve and forgive and let go.  As we look at each other, we’re not really seeing each other right now, so much as we are seeing the reflections of our own unresolved issues that we buried long ago, so as to avoid confronting.  Today, we’ve got to confront them while realizing that it is our own issues we are confronting – and not really the other person who keeps triggering us.


Your loved ones are likely to behave in ways that irritate you, and you might feel like it’s all you can do not to blow your stack.  But keep in mind that these are your loved ones – and they can feel your frustration with them, and are also likely taking it personally.  Do they know that they are doing something that causes you irritation?  Do they even know what it is?  Are you magnifying the irritations, turning little annoyances into great big energetic monsters and dragons?  Rather than to keep getting angry and stuffing it down and carrying around resentment, the guidance from Spirit is to have a heart-to-heart with that person.  Clear the air between you.  Say your piece – and do so gently and with Love.  We are all feeling the vibrational shifts – we are all being affected by this.  Do whatever you can to work out the issues between you and your loved one(s) – remembering that you Love each other.  Speak your Truth, but speak kindly and gently.


Spend some time alone in nature, and breathe.  Ground yourself, and feel your emotions.  Ask yourself why it is that what the other person is doing is triggering you.  Give yourself the gift of honesty about what it is you’re actually feeling, and why.  See the bigger picture.  Once you are no longer feeling like you’re going to blow your stack, then go talk with your loved one(s).  You are likely to find that they are receptive to what you have to say and have no wish to have this unpleasant energy between you.  Don’t leave them mystified about why you seem to be giving them a cold shoulder or why you seem so ornery around them all the time lately.  Trust them and their Love for you, that they will hear you out and work with you to resolve whatever issues there may actually be between you, whatever behaviors of theirs are triggering you.  Trust the Love between you, and remember that whatever annoyances are happening – it’s not personal between you and the other person.  It’s only personal between you and yourself.  You’ll feel much better when you clear the air and get on with resolving your own issues – those buried beliefs and emotions that you really have about yourself.


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