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Why are you waiting to be happy?  Why are you waiting to get excited until something goes your way?  This is the energy I pick up today when tuning into collective consciousness – that of “I’ll be happy when…”  It’s a common theme that most of us tend to struggle with, but Spirit’s guidance today urges us to remember to celebrate everything in our lives right now!  Don’t wait!  Change that thought of “I’ll be happy when…” to “I am happy now!”  I’m shown visions of children, playing in their imagination, celebrating the reality of their playground, and cats getting so excited to play with a simple string dragged across the floor.  You don’t have to keep waiting to be happy and joyful and celebrate your life!


Whatever ordinary events are happening in your life right now, make the time to notice them and give thanks for them and be happy about them.  Listen to the birds singing, and feel gratitude.  Smell that aroma of coffee and feel gratitude.  Feel that nice warm water on your skin as you take your shower, and feel gratitude for running water, and soap, and hair conditioner!  Bless and thank the food that feeds your beautiful, wonderful body!  Take in a deep breath of life giving air, into your lungs and be thankful, because it feels so good to breathe!  Marvel at the leaves on the trees and the blossoms and the blooms, and look up into the sky and watch the birds as they fly by.  Imagine you could fly with them, and thank your imagination for all the wonderful stories it can tell.  Consciously choose which stories you want to engage with today.  This is a day to jump into the wonder and live your life with the enthusiasm of a joyful, playful child, and truly celebrate everything in your life.


Remember that the path of least resistance – that of being happy and grateful for what you have in your life – is the fastest track to manifesting what you want.  Waiting to be happy until after you have it delays the process of getting it.  All that does is to tell the universe that you don’t already have it, so you actualize more of not having it.  That’s not how the universe really works, despite all our programming to be miserable until we get what we want.  We actually need to affirm that it is already ours – because in true quantum reality, what we want already is ours.  So claim it and be happy and grateful for what is already yours – including this desire you have which is, in fact, already fulfilled in quantum reality.  Make it a point today to remember to celebrate everything in your life!


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