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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness is that the whole world has been seemingly set on fire.  People who are your closest friends, family, loved ones, are suddenly appearing to be out to get you for no apparent reason.  We are being triggered – all of us – and ferociously so!  The energy is that of shaking it all up so that we can expose our triggers and find the root cause of them.


The triggering is an act of Love from our Souls.  Perhaps you have asked to be shown what it is that is still hanging out there in your energy field.  What is your body-mind still holding onto?  Our loved ones, by their triggering, are showing us exactly what we still hold negative emotional charges about.  They don’t, for the most part, even realize they’re triggering you, so it’s very important to handle the situation with love.  Realize that they are unwittingly playing a big part in bringing you this tremendous gift in showing you what you want to release from your programming.  They’re holding up mirrors for you to see what’s there, even if they are not aware that they are doing so.  You might feel inclined to blow up at them over something they say or do that triggers you, or you might just hold it in and seethe, as you engage in passive aggressive behavior in an attempt to wordlessly express that they’ve upset you.  But before you engage in either behavior, stop for a moment.  Ask yourself, what am I being shown here?  What is it that has me feeling so angry about what they just said or did?  Is this a repeating pattern in my life?


For example, do you have a family member who refuses to clean up messes he makes?  Let’s say this is the case.  How do you feel when you then go into, let’s say, the kitchen, to make your family dinner, but this particular family member has left food slopped on the counters and dishes on the counters and in the sink, and unwashed pots and pans, that you then have to spend the next half hour cleaning up, so that you can make dinner for your family, including the slovenly one?  This might trigger quite a few emotions and subconscious programs you have!  You might feel resentment over the belief that you are a martyr; you might feel grief over the belief that this loved one doesn’t stop to consider you or think of you at all; you might feel jealous rage that it’s OK for this family member to leave a mess while you have to clean up after yourself and everyone else too.  Any number of programs and emotions could be triggered.


Today, take the time to explore what is being triggered for you.  Thank the Universe – and thank your loved ones who trigger you – for the gifts they are giving you in showing you what you are still holding onto.  You can begin to let them go and heal from them once you become consciously aware of what they are.  Treat them with love and respect, even if you have to get far away from them for a while so you can process what you’re feeling.  Remember – you are probably also triggering someone else right now too.


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