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New ideas have sprung forth, and you’re feeling excited about your new opportunity.  But how to make it work?  While tuning into Collective Consciousness today, I feel a lot of new inspiration and excitement, along with a sense of “hmmm… how do I do that?” energy.  Here is the guidance I received when I asked Spirit for the words to share.


First and foremost, you must remember that you already are the abundance you seek.  Abundance is everywhere; it is everything.  What is it that you are perceiving an abundance of at this moment?  Many of us have invested in the perception of an abundance of lack!  And yet, that is the one thing that truly doesn’t even exist, and the one thing that all suffering is based upon:  the belief in lack and separation.  It’s time to change that point of view, don’t you think?  So that’s the first thing – understanding that there is no lack.  That is an illusion.  All that is – it all exists simultaneously, here in the now.  If you can imagine having what you want, that reality exists.  Consciousness doesn’t differentiate between what is 3D reality and what is your imagined reality.  When you know that your imagined reality is every bit as real as the 3D reflection of your thoughts and beliefs that the outer world really is, the universe has to make it so, and reflect back your new beliefs to you in the outer world.  Mind and body must come into alignment.


So what does your body need to do to catch up to your imagined reality?  First, your body ideally feels the reality of the imagination as solidly as it feels the outer 3D world.  When you spend time in your imagination and feeling it to be real, your body gets to learn what that imagined reality feels like, so that it becomes believable to your body.  Sometimes though, there is a little more required when a body needs more convincing.  And those are the next steps for today – spending time doing some research, learning about how to implement your new inspired idea into your plans for living an abundant life.  Take the time to learn and study.  Think of others who inspire you, who have successfully implemented their inspired ideas into finding their way to abundance, and follow in their footsteps.  Learn from them as well.  Consider getting a coach who you resonate with to assist you with your subconscious blockages and beliefs in lack and separation, and who can help to guide you in teaching your body how it feels to be prosperous and abundant, so that you can remember that you already are the abundance you seek.


And last but not least – remember to follow your Heart.  Whatever it is that feels exciting, inspiring, and joyful to you – that is your way to abundance.


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