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The feeling I get from Collective Consciousness energy today feels like a whole lot of pressure and a sense of panic, as if time is running out.  In asking Spirit for guidance in how to deal with this, I was filled with gratitude for my friends – both human and animal.  What a blessing it is to have such extraordinary, supportive people (and cats!) in my life – those who I can open up to and share my Heart and my passions with.  Those that I can talk to and say what’s on my mind, without fear of judgment or criticism.  Even in my darkest hours, they still see the Light in me and hold the space for me to see that Light once more.  And that is the guidance for all of us today – to Love and appreciate our friends – whether they walk on two legs or four.


When you spend time in gratitude for your friendships, you begin to notice also, when someone new comes along with an open Heart, inviting you into their life and offering friendship.  This is not an offer to take lightly or for granted, but one to be recognized and appreciated.  Look for opportunities to build relationships with more like-minded people.  Take care to be aware of what your beliefs are, as your beliefs and feelings do, in part, determine your overall vibration, and you are always attracting people to you who act as mirrors to show you what your triggers are.  But you are also always attracting people to you who Love you, who look up to you and respect you and want to be your friend.  Perhaps you have been hurt in the past by others.  Perhaps you’re the one who’s done the hurting, betraying, and abandoning, and you hold back out of fear that you would hurt yet another friend, and so you hold yourself off alone, cut off from others who would unconditionally accept you and teach you what it feels like to be accepted, supported, cared for and Loved.  Why keep rejecting the gifts of friendship at this time when each other’s presence can help so much?  Did you ever think, that while you’ve been so busy pushing people away, that someone might actually be in a tough spot and might benefit greatly from your friendship, as you would also from theirs?  We attract the people into our lives that we do for a reason.


Friendship is also offered by the animals of Earth.  Remember to honor them as well.  If you find that you’re too triggered by other people today, and you and your friends simply can’t give each other comfort because we’re all feeling that “time running out” pressure cooker energy, then perhaps you want to just take some time to be with your pet.  If you have a soft cuddly kitty that purrs, this will actually help to heal you emotionally, as a cat’s purr is a very healing frequency.  A dog’s unconditional love and joy to be with you is also very healing, and helps to teach you what it feels like to be loved just for being you, with no strings attached.  If you don’t have a pet living with you, then perhaps you can make some time today to go to an animal shelter.  There are so many animals there in need of love and companionship.  Go see them.  Maybe you could even give one or two a good home with you.  Other ways you can be a friend to the animals today might be to make a donation to help animals in need, or get involved in a cause to help animals in some way.  Perhaps even just to go out for a walk in nature and watch the squirrels and the birds – just be with them – is just what you need today to get through this energy.


Today, whether your friends are human or a bit more furry or feathery or otherwise, remember to take some time and think about those in your life.  Feel your gratitude for them and honor this.  Express your gratitude for them.  Be open to new friendships, understanding that as you raise your vibration, you attract new people who reflect your new, higher vibration.  Let them in.  Let yourself be open to giving and receiving Love with your friends.  Spend a little more than the usual time today filled with gratitude for those who Love you.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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