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The Mayans used to say “In Lak’ech” in greeting to one another.  Our translation of “In Lak’ech” is literally “I am another yourself.”  The Mayans always knew what so many of us are just beginning to become consciously aware of, and that is the Truth of Oneness – that we are all really the same One, only believing ourselves to be many.  I agree with this idea, for it is not an idea, but a memory of its Truth.



I wrote about this experience I had in my book, “The Space Between.”  Here is an excerpt from Chapter 13:  Life is But a Dream.  Enjoy!



All my life, I’ve been able to see white light around people, animals, and even inanimate objects, and occasionally I could even see colors around people and animals.  But after opening my mind to the possibility that what I was studying was True, the light which I saw around everyone and everything got bigger and brighter.  I began to see even more flashes of light. And then one night, I had an honest-to-God “light experience.”


I was standing outside, thinking about nothing in particular.  All of a sudden there was a tremendous flash of light, right between my eyebrows.  It was huge.  For an instant there was only light.  Nothing but light, all around me and through me.  In this instant, I was also no longer standing where I thought I was.  I seemed to be “transported” to a most peculiar place.  I realized that I was at the edge of the universe, looking on and witnessing life in a way I had never imagined.  What I saw, or rather, experienced, was captured in a moment of awe and complete humility.



The ancient Mayans used to greet each other by saying, “I am another you.”  As I witnessed what I saw in the Light, I understood to my very core what the Mayans were talking about.  They had it right.  We are all literally the same One, dreaming ourselves to be all these separate forms in a universe that is all separateness, right down to time and space.  Beyond the universe we know, there is actually no time.  On the quantum level, there is no past or future; all that is, is now.


The experience was relayed to me symbolically, in such a way as to allow my rational mind to comprehend what is incomprehensible by us.


In Lak'ech... Ala K'in: I am another you

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In Lak’ech means “I am another Yourself.”  Ala K’in is the response, which says:  “And You are another Me.”

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