Be who you are.  Be all that you are.
You are like a multi-faceted diamond,
and every shade of you is magnificent.
Embrace every part of who you are, and love yourself.
You are worth all your love.


Daily Readings from Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness Daily Readings - artwork by Josephine Wall

Some days I tune into Collective Consciousness to pull out a jewel of wisdom to share as a daily reading.

Art © Josephine Wall

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  Enjoy this energy healing meditation video for self-love and acceptance.  Intend to connect with your Inner Child and Highest Self as you allow the pain around your Heart to be acknowledged, welcome, accepted and integrated.  Embrace your ego as you allow all to be made known, all to be okay.  You Are Love.  Allow yourself to feel the Love that You Are and move into a place of self-connection, acceptance and Love.

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