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Just exactly what do the inner child and the future self have to do with quantum healing?  It might first be beneficial to explain what quantum healing is, and where and when the inner child and future self exist.


What is Quantum Healing?


While I could write an entire book on quantum healing only to barely scratch the surface of the subject, for the intents and purposes of defining the indefinable in this blog post, when I refer to “quantum healing,” my meaning is that healing which occurs in the realm which is in the now, in the void, beyond and between what we think of as space-time.  It’s also known as the field, the zero-point field, and, well, where God is.  It is the everything and the no thing, that which is within us and is us.  Quantum healing is the healing that occurs within the realm of Spirit.


The quantum field is the realm of every possibility, conceivable or currently inconceivable.  It is where every version of reality has occurred, in every realm and dimension.  From our perspective, wherever our particular coordinates are in the space-time spiral sphere, we perceive it in linear fashion, as incremental moments of now.  We define these realities in terms of past, present, and future; however, from the quantum field, which is between and beyond our conception of space-time, everything has already occurred.  From our perspective within space-time and dimensionality, we are creating our reality as we live it in these incremental moments of now, but when outside of space-time, every single thought is another reality which has already occurred.  When we move between the quantum field and back into this realm, we perceive everything, once again, as past, present and future, while striving to get into the “now,” where we can then access these other possible realities that we would rather experience.  The “now” is the space between, where we may access, literally, infinite possibilities.  What most of us don’t realize is that we access the quantum field via our spiritual eye – also known as our imagination.


The Power of Imagination


In your own bosom you bear your heaven and earth,
And all you behold, though it appears without,
It is within, in your imagination,
Of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.
~William Blake


tesla imaginationImagination is what I feel is the “eye of God/Source.”  When we retreat from this 3D world, we leave our mortal, physical senses behind for a time, and access our inner vision.  We connect with that which is Divine within us.  This is actually communication with our Source.  Through this exchange, we show God/Source what it is that we want, that is, when we use our imagination responsibly and consciously.  What we show the Universe in our imagination is actually a literal set of instructions for the Universe to begin to set that vision in motion.  That’s how powerful our imaginations are.  We create worlds and universes with imagination.  And not just imagination – but also emotions and feeling – that which comes from our Hearts.


This is why it’s so important for us to watch our thoughts, to monitor our own imaginations, and the emotions our bodies feel as we think certain thoughts.  God/Source/Universe is impartial.  There is no judgment over what we show the Divine through our thoughts and imaginative processes.  Whatever we envision and power up with emotion, that is what God/Source/Universe delivers to us.  We don’t realize this because they don’t exactly teach us this in school or church or give our parents handbooks on how to create physical reality.  We’ve forgotten that we are Divine.  We think that there is some benevolent God out there beyond us, who only delivers the good things we pray for, and then we get angry and blame God when the bad stuff that we worried about happens to us, or empower an evil figurehead like a devil out to get us.  It is not God or a devil that causes this, nor is it good or evil. It is our own ignorance.


einstein quote imagination is more important than knowledge

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. ~Albert Einstein

This outer physical world is just a shadow of the reality that exists within our spiritual eye.  Whatever we envision, we set in motion, through means beyond our conscious comprehension or direction.  There isn’t really a separation between ourselves and each other or nature or anyone or anything else.  There is only the illusion of separation.  We are, in true reality, all wholeness.  We’re all one, and we’re all all.


If you can imagine, for a moment, all the parts of your body, as if they are all separate from each other – and then try to imagine your body actually working, if all your body parts were separate – can you?  Can your body walk if you’ve got one foot in the other room, and one foot out the window, and a leg sitting on the toilet and the other leg spinning around, let’s say, having a jolly time with the ceiling fan?  No, you can’t walk!  Well, reality is much like our body.  We’re not really separate.  Just as your left hand might think it’s separate from your right hand, we think we’re separate from each other and from everything that’s not part of our own bodies.  But that’s all just an illusion.


So, when we imagine something we’d like to create, and then power it up with feeling from our Heart, this signal goes out to all parts of the whole, through the superconsciousness, and other parts of the whole begin to respond – those who are called to do so – all unconsciously to them, I must add.  Unless they’re super psychic, but that’s another blog post for another time.  That’s how this reality works.  It all starts with our imagination – our portal to the quantum field and quantum healing.


Quantum Healing of the Inner Child


Do you know your inner child?  I didn’t know mine, not for a really long time.  I’d always thought that the inner child was simply the playful part of us… and while the inner child is that, it is also so much more than that.  Since going through my own healing process and integrating with my own inner child, you’d think I’d find it easy to write about and talk about her.  But it’s actually not easy.  There’s so much feeling here, when it comes to this, for me, that it’s hard not to get choked up and have to stop writing for a few moments and let the tears flow a bit.  My inner child, you see, she loves it when I talk about her.  She loves being recognized and thought of and shared about.  I forgot her for many, many years.  The gratitude and Love I feel in my Heart for her can feel overwhelming at times.


So just who and what is the inner child?  Well, to put it simply, it’s you.  It’s not just your playfulness, it’s not just your innocence, it’s not just your vulnerability.  It is all these things – but it is also literally the child that you were in this life, before you became the you that you know now.  This younger version of you exists simultaneously with you, in the here and now – not just in what is your perception of the past.  Your inner child is in the quantum, and is also embodied within your physical body right now.  How’s that, you say?  Allow me to give you an example.


quantum healing of inner childWhen I was seven years old, I was in a grocery store with my parents and siblings.  Excited to get to be shopping with my father, which was a very rare occasion, he and I entered the cereal aisle together.  All the colorful boxes, and one in particular stood out to me, and I really wanted to see that box.  But it was too high for me to reach.


I knew better than to ask my father for the box of cereal, but in this case, I really wanted to see the cover of the box.  Just to see it.  I pointed up at the box of cereal and asked him if I could see it.  His reaction was, rather than to grab the box and show it to me and explain why it cost too much to buy it, was instead to take his middle finger and jab me in my breastbone so hard, that he knocked me flat on my bottom in the middle of the aisle and to tell me what a greedy and selfish little girl I was, in front of all the gawking onlookers who said and did nothing but watch.  He then proceeded to lose his temper a little while later, at the checkout register, left all the groceries behind, piled us all into the car, and drove recklessly – 90 miles per hour and all over the road – all the way back home.


This created a traumatic injury for me, not to mention a bruise at my sternum that took weeks to heal.  In the moment this occurred, there was a version of this child that I was, created in the quantum field, who was a different version of me than I had been when I entered that store.


This new version of the little girl was then part of a new “program” that I continued living, as, at seven years old, a child’s undeveloped brain cannot process what happened and sort out the difference between truth, beliefs, and emotions.  I was told by my father – my authority figure – that I was greedy for wanting to see a picture on a box of cereal, while simultaneously physically injured by him and humiliated in front of onlookers.  Nobody came to my defense, so I believed my father must be right – that I was a bad and greedy and selfish little girl, and that it was bad to want anything.  I associated wanting with punishment, pain, shame, and humiliation, followed by life-threatening fear – my father had risked all of our lives in the car, and I believed it was my fault.


quantum healing of the inner child, artwork Underworld by Josephine WallThis particular energy frequency became part of my being – part of my essence, for the next three decades of my life, before I understood that I could literally interact with that “me” that existed in that space-time and utilize quantum healing, to heal my inner child.  The inner child, in this case, was the “me” that existed along my timeline, that got stuck there, grounded in traumatic injury, shame, and fear.  That version of me existed not only in that moment of space-time, but also became embedded within my physical body, where the beliefs and emotions associated with that event became a program that I identified myself with.


Programs (beliefs and subsequent emotions stored in the body-mind and as neural pathways in the brain) that became part of my identity included:


“I am selfish.”

“I am worthless.”

“I don’t deserve.”

“I am helpless.”

“Nobody will help me.”

“I am bad.”

“I am greedy.”

“It is not safe for me to ask for anything.”

“It is not safe for me to want something.”

“Everything bad that happens is my fault because I’m bad and greedy and selfish.”

“I am ashamed of myself for wanting.”

“I am ashamed of myself because I am worthless.”

“I am worthless because nobody will help me.  I am not worth helping.”

“I am afraid to ask for anything.”

“I am afraid of my own desires.”


These beliefs and subsequent associated emotions became embedded within my body-mind, and because I was too young to understand and process the trauma, the emotions were suppressed and stored in my body, where they later manifested as disease, illness, and injuries, within various energetic meridians in my body, and programmed, memorized emotions that literally defined my entire way of being.  Because of these beliefs and stored emotions – which became my comfort zone – I ended up marrying an abusive man when I was twenty years old.  I took jobs where I was taken advantage of and abused by bosses.  I didn’t just feel helpless.  I went out of my way to help others in every job I ever took, so that I could ease the pain of the “helplessness” that I felt so deep within me.  I took jobs to help others because I really wanted and needed someone to help me.  All of this continued until I became conscious of my thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and my motives behind everything I did.


I became conscious of all of this by connecting with my inner child and listening to her.


Your Future Self and Quantum Healing


Did you know that you can have an actual conversation with your body, and that when you give it a chance to speak to you, and you listen – really listen – your inner child will come through and tell you what still remains to be healed?  This is how your future self engages in quantum healing of the inner child.  Your body carries every memory of every hurt, every trauma that you sustained as a child, which remains unhealed, unprocessed.  Your body is your communicator.


quantum healing, inner child future self, handsTo the inner child, you are, at this moment, your future self.  To the you that you are now, there is yet another version of you that exists at another coordinate within space-time, who is your future self.  You, your inner child, and your future self all exist simultaneously, right now, along with your God Self.  Your God Self is the observer that exists outside of space-time and dimensionality.  When you utilize your imagination, go inward in meditation, and become the impartial and compassionate observer, you embrace your God Self and become that.  This is how you heal – by stepping away from the thoughts, beliefs, programs and stored emotions and behaviors that are associated with the identity that you think you are while in space-time and dimensionality.


It’s important that you develop and cultivate self-compassion.  To do this, I like to start with the inner child.  If you could look back at yourself when you were a child, when you were hurt, what would you say to that little one, if you could be standing there right now with him or her?  What would you say?  What would you do?  What does that little child want and need?  Could you give that to your little one?  This is how I utilized quantum healing to heal my inner child from that event, and many others.


I entered my Heart space in meditation, dropping down into the Theta brainwaves, and imagined that I was one of those gawking onlookers in the cereal aisle that evening.  I imagined that I saw this little girl pointing up at the box of cereal, wanting to see it.  In my imagination, I walked over to the cereal and pulled the box down off the high shelf before her father could do anything.  I imagined myself giving her this box of cereal to look at.  I imagined and felt the joy on her face when she looked at the brightly colored box and imagined the picture she would draw because she was inspired by all the colors and artwork.  She was a little artist, that one.  I imagined asking her if she would like to take the box of cereal home with her, and as she enthusiastically nodded yes, with a big grin on her face, I took her by the hand, away from her abusive father, and we went to the checkout and bought that box of cereal together.  I then put her in the car with me, gently put the seat belt on her, and drove safely and sanely home.  I told her how beautiful and wonderful and amazing and brilliant and talented she was.  I held her close and told her I loved her, and that I would always be there for her.  I told her I have her back, and that I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her.  I told her that I love her no matter what.  And I meant it.  And that’s the thing.  When you talk to your inner child, you have to mean what you say.  You can’t lie to your inner child.  She knows better.


quantum healing - Love the shadow, love the inner childYou, too, can utilize quantum healing to heal your inner child.  Use my story as an example for your own healing.  Find the versions of yourself that exist on your timeline, and utilize this process to heal your inner child with Love and compassion.  As you do, you find that the old beliefs and stored, suppressed emotions begin to fade away, disintegrating into nothingness, freeing up energy for you to embody more of your own Soul, which is what the ascension process is really about.  You have more energy to use for what you want it for, once it’s freed up from holding the stored emotions and beliefs in place that hurt so much.  As you do this for yourself, you also build trust in your future self, knowing that whatever tough times you’re going through right now, your future self is going to visit you and help you through it.  You are your own guide through life.  Start now.  Don’t wait any longer.  You do not need to continue suffering and re-creating the same hurtful patterns over and over in your life any longer.  You can heal now.  You only have to want it and be willing to face things that hurt in your past, and replace them with Love.  That’s really all your inner child wants, it’s really all any child truly wants.  Love.


If you’d like assistance with this process, there are some really great books I highly recommend – see the list below.  Additionally, I offer weekly email coaching, so check out my available services.






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