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Continuing along with the current energy of Collective Consciousness, that being a lot of confusion and not quite knowing what step to take next, the guidance from Spirit today appears as a large mirror.  It is a mirror for self-reflection.  Stand before it without fear, as your outer reality is that mirror.  What do you see reflecting back to you?  How have you handled situations in your life?  How have you reacted or responded to others?  You are about to be presented with another opportunity to face your challenger and see your beliefs about yourself reflected back to you.  It’s better to go into this knowing that this is an opportunity for you to move one step closer to mastering your frequency.


Though some unwanted surprises loom before you now, and you may have to make a change in your life that you hadn’t planned on as you’ve been working towards another outcome, consider why this may be happening.  There are so many reasons beyond what our rational minds might think of; in a universe of infinite data, our filters have to keep most of the information out.  So we’ve got to turn our attention to our filters.  Our filters are our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious.  What are you believing about yourself and your reality?  What belief has you stuck?  The mirror of self-reflection is here to show you.  What’s not working for you?  Can you step out of your mind for a moment to observe without judgment?  Can you look at this unwanted situation unfolding, without judging it as unwanted?  Can you detach yourself from outcome and go into nonresistance while you simply observe the situation, and observe your own reactions to it?  Can you stop giving it power by believing it to be bigger and more powerful than you are?


Where is your belief in lack holding you back?  When you have to make a change in your life that you’d rather not, it’s often due to a belief in lack, or poverty consciousness.  Perceiving your reality through negative expectations, or waiting for the other shoe to drop, filters out all the rest of the data that you could perceive and shapes your reality so that the unmanifest must manifest into the mold you’ve given it.  Until you change your filters, the energy simply has no other choice.  Where are you perceiving lack?  The mirror of self-reflection shows you what you believe you are lacking.  Don’t judge it.  Just observe, and then change the way you observe.  It’s all done in your imagination.  See yourself having what you thought you were lacking, and believe in your new vision with even more intensity than you believed in the old one.  This is your chance now to decide what comes next.  Look in the mirror of self-reflection, with non-judgment, and remember which one is real.  The observer?  Or the reflection?  Only give your power to the one that is real.


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