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Collective Consciousness energy today continues with feelings of confusion.  A sense of not knowing the way forward, not knowing what steps to take – a lot of darkness surrounding us all, as if we’re all stumbling in the dark together.  It seems as if there’s this gigantic lighthouse up ahead, beaming light out, but in our scramble to get there, we keep tripping over all that’s hidden in the darkness and falling down.  Oops!  Did we forget our lanterns to guide our paths?


Today’s guidance is to stop for a moment.  Slow down.  Breathe.  Light up your lantern, and then proceed carefully.  Walk slowly through the darkness, trusting your intuition.  Examine your path.  Just because you can see that lighthouse up ahead doesn’t mean you don’t have obstacles in your dark path that you need to shine light on so that you can see your way forward.  What does that mean, exactly?  For example, let’s say you’ve set a goal to start your own business, but you have no idea what to do to get it going.  Do you just start buying products willy nilly and expect you’re going to sell them at a profit?  Likely not.  You do some research, get some training, and formulate a plan ahead of time, don’t you?  There are steps to be taken, and if you don’t know what the steps are, you learn.  Learning can be likened to shining the lantern on your path so that you can see the way forward.


Perhaps you have set a goal about being in a relationship with your highest, most compatible soul mate.  Do you jump into the arms of the first person who shows up, or back into your old familiar patterns with that person you just can’t let go?  Or do you shine that lantern on your path, understanding that you reflect back to yourself, or attract, that which mirrors your own beliefs, patterns and programs, and use your lantern to illuminate your own shadows so that you can attract that special someone who loves you as much as you love yourself?  If you don’t become aware of your own beliefs and filters, you tend to attract someone who keeps you relearning the same lessons over and over again until you can break your patterns.  Do you really want to go through this again by running through the darkness and falling down over and over again?  If so, then go forward with that relationship… but if you’ve had enough of the same old repeating heartbreak, then perhaps you’ve learned your lessons, and it’s time for you to love yourself enough to stay away so you can allow someone else in who loves you the way you deserve to be loved.


It’s time to simply stop for a moment, breathe, and light your lantern.  Proceed slowly and carefully now.  That lighthouse up ahead isn’t going anywhere.  It may feel like you’re always waiting, waiting, waiting, which can feel frustrating, but it’s necessary to take the time you need to learn what your next steps are.  Lots of ideas are coming to you now, and some of them might be distractions at the moment, so get yourself a good journal if you don’t already have one, and record your ideas.  They will come in handy later.  For now, this is simply the time to shine the light on your path.  Educate yourself about what you need to do.  Study, find mentors, and make yourself knowledgeable about what you need to do to move forward without falling down again.  Don’t be afraid to ask others for help.  Look around to see who has the bright lanterns where your goal is concerned.  Have the courage to ask them for assistance, as they can help to shed more light for you and brighten your own lantern.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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