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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness brings our attention to feelings of distrust, anger, and emotions that feel stuck in the throat.  Many of us are experiencing some throat issues currently, as we have all been getting triggered left and right, pulling up every emotion to be felt.  Many times we want to blow up and scream, but we don’t.  We swallow the words we would say, and the emotions get stuck there and give us sore throats.


Today it’s important to make your self-care a priority.  Take time for yourself.  You may need to tell someone else no when they come to you and ask something of you.  Your job today is to take care of you, and let that be OK.  You’ve been bending over backwards, giving and giving to others.  Today, however, you may really need to establish boundaries and enforce them, as you need time for yourself to recharge.  Think about going to get a massage, or go for an energy healing session.  Perhaps grab a good book to read and take a long soak in the tub with mineral salts.  Whatever it is you need to do to take care of you today, do it.  Your well being is very important and needs to be your priority today.


We’re reminded that the words we speak are part of what shapes the universe we create.  It’s important to speak our truth.  Acknowledge the anger you feel.  If you need to scream, then scream.  Get it out of your body.  Go within, to God/Source within you, and surrender everything you’re feeling, all that you’re thinking, tell it to God/Source.  Cry it out if you need to – crying is one of the very best ways to get it out of your body and let it go.  It’s important for us to release our anger today.  How do you release anger?  First by admitting that you feel it, and then by talking to God/Source about it and admitting, not only the anger, but why it’s there.  Anger is the powerful emotion that shields us from what’s behind it – what hurts so much that we need anger to protect us from feeling it.  Grief, sadness, and despair are usually what anger protects us from feeling.  To release anger, you walk through it and observe what it’s protecting you from.  There is a profound sadness underneath over some belief we have about ourselves – otherwise the anger couldn’t be there.  Explore the sadness to find out what belief created it, so that you may give that old belief to God/Source and receive the Truth instead.


For example, you may have anger because someone rejected you.  You may be feeling very angry at that person.  But if you go within, talk with God/Source about how angry you feel about this person rejecting you, you might realize that it’s safe to walk through the anger while in God’s presence, and find that, underneath the anger at this person who rejected you, you feel a deep sadness, a loneliness, and a sense of unworthiness.  Why am I not good enough for this person?  There you go.  You’ve found the underlying belief – the belief that you’re not good enough.  Where did that come from?  Give it to God/Source and ask to be shown your True worth instead – to see yourself as God/Source sees you.  This is the Love that heals.  By surrendering the old belief in not being good enough, you release the sadness and unworthiness that anger was protecting you from, and this, in turns, releases the anger, because it no longer needs to be there.  You may just find that emotions that were stuck in your throat also clear up, after completing this process.


After releasing the anger, remember to utilize your throat by speaking words of Love and gratitude.  Speak the words that heal.


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