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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness is really putting an emphasis on play, pleasure and passion.  Many of us have been stifling ourselves, boxing ourselves in, even enslaving ourselves to responsibilities that aren’t nearly as important as the 3D illusion makes them out to be.  In doing so, we lose our zeal and zest for life, our freedom, our joie de vivre.  So programmed we are to work, work, work… eat your dinner and then maybe you can have dessert, or never mind dessert, sugar is the devil, and stay inside the lines!!!… we beat our own passion and creativity down by denying ourselves pleasure in our purityrannical mindsets and behavior, and our souls cry out as they’re choked like a flame without oxygen.  Today we are urged to make a new decision instead.  Breathe.  Find your passion and engage in it.  Play.  Dance.  Explore.  Color outside the lines.  Just color anything at all.  Engage in your passion and creativity.  This is your soul’s oxygen!


If you’ve lost touch with what you are passionate about, then remember your childhood.  Remember what you used to get really excited about as a kid.  Did you love to sing or play a musical instrument?  Do that now.  Did you love to jump on the bed and tumble in the air?  Do that now!  If you can’t do it now, then go find some YouTube videos of gymnasts performing and enjoy watching.  Were you into drawing or painting?  What about some other type of crafting?  Did you love to write?  Dance?  Play imagination games with your friends?  What did you love to do when you were a kid?  Get in touch with that, and do that now, in whatever form of it you can.  Any notion of having to work and maybe then you’ll find time to play afterwards – nuh uh!  Not today.  Today, play first.  If you are at work, stop working for a moment, and find a co worker to play with for just a few minutes, even if it’s just to listen to a song you both enjoy.  Then you can get back to work.  Today you are to honor your soul’s need – and your body’s need – for pleasure, and let yourself indulge.  This rejuvenates your body and soul, giving you more life force so that you can work.


Give yourself some peace by allowing yourself to play and enjoy pleasure today.  Going out in nature is another way you can enjoy the moment and disconnect from all your responsibilities for long enough to hear your soul speak to you.  Take a walk in the woods or on a beach, or stroll through a park.  Clear your mind and let yourself feel at peace.  Break free from your self-imposed limitations – let your soul come through you and do something a little fun and crazy.  Just go with it.  Don’t concern yourself with what other people think.  Who cares?  Give yourself permission to be free!  You’ll be glad you did.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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