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Happy body

The physical body is as awe-inspiring as anything we could ever imagine.  And the condition of the body is the manifestation of everything we have ever thought and felt – and that is not limited to this life only, as genetics come into play, and trapped emotions and subconscious programs are also passed on to us from our ancestors.  We also keep emotions and subconscious programs with us in our DNA, from other places and times, and yet there are still other emotions and programs that we carry with us as part of our very essence – our soul.  This is why some of us come into the world in less than perfect health, even though we haven’t yet even had the opportunity to create our own physical health with our thoughts and emotions.  What happens in our physical bodies is a result of The Law of Vibration.

Everything is energy.  Everything.  Even our bodies.  We only believe that everything is matter – but the truth is, even matter itself is energy.  This fact makes the cells and tissues of our bodies reactive to the energies of the thoughts, beliefs, programs, and emotions that we carry with us.  It makes us vulnerable to lower energetic vibrations; it also means that we can change the frequency of our physical cells and tissues by changing the energetic frequencies of our thoughts and emotions.chakra meditation

Each thought and emotion that we carry within us has its own energetic frequency.  Toxic thoughts and emotions of fear, doubt, worry, guilt, shame, hatred, and anger have lower vibrational frequencies.  When we have subconscious programs and beliefs stored in us that cause us to think negatively, this creates emotions that match the frequencies of those thoughts.  The emotions then become lodged in our bodies’ energetic meridian systems, and begin to affect all the surrounding cells and tissues and organs – and this begins the process of physical ailments and disease.

Couple Beach SunsetWhen we are able to release the trapped emotions and self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs that are trapped in our energetic meridian systems, and replace them with emotions and beliefs that carry the higher vibrations, such as gratitude, joy, forgiveness, and unconditional love, we are then able to expose the cells and tissues of our bodies to much higher frequencies, raise our alkalinity levels, increase our oxygenation, and begin true healing.  Disease cannot exist in the same frequency of these higher emotions.  By also releasing and resolving, and reprogramming our subconscious beliefs and programs, we are able to more easily reach for and grab the emotions that come with thinking happier thoughts.  Our entire body begins to vibrate at a much higher frequency, and we find ourselves beginning to attract all the good things that we desire, including better physical health.  Remember – the Law of Attraction is real, and it works based on the Law of Vibration!  We are always attracting people, things, and circumstances – including our physical health – based on how we are vibrating.   If we’re stuck in the lower vibrations, all aspects of mind-body-spirit health break down, and we keep on attracting exactly what we don’t want, and what we want to avoid.  We become vulnerable to the effects of toxins – both in the form of energetic toxicity, resulting in mental and emotional stress, as well as the effects of physical toxicity, including candida, parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals.

Root Chakra ORMUSEvery remedy for physical health ailments – natural or otherwise – carries an energetic frequency.  This is why we feel better when we take a remedy for a health problem – because the remedy for the ailment raises the frequency of the cells and tissues and allows for healing to begin.

Smiling on the Inside