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I have a very helpful exercise for you to help you identify what you are holding on to, which may be holding you back from attaining your desires.  This is a simple exercise and will take only a few minutes.


1.  Locate a space where you can be alone in silence.

2.  Close your eyes.


3.  Pay attention to your thoughts.  Simply observe them.  Ask yourself, “what will my next thought be?”  And then pay attention, the same as you would listen to anyone else.


4.  Allow yourself to feel, in response to those thoughts.  What is the first emotion that you can identify?  


MindfulThe first emotion you feel in the moments after you begin to pay attention to your thoughts is the first layer of whatever you are holding on to.  If you identify sadness, worry, doubt, fear, jealousy, hatred, disgust, or anger, these are playing a large part in holding you back from achieving what you want in life.  When you step out of your constant mind-chatter for a moment and allow yourself to hear what you’re telling yourself, and feel your emotions, this is the first step in identifying what’s going on in your subconscious.


Your subconscious is what forms your reality – what reflects back to you all people and circumstances in your life.  By taking a little time out of each day to pay attention to what you’re thinking and identify what you are feeling, you are tapping into your subconscious and allowing yourself to become aware of what beliefs you’ve been holding onto, which have been holding you back.

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