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back pain

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Your back is the support system for your body.  When back pain hits, it can be extremely debilitating, and you can quickly find yourself unable to perform any of your normal daily tasks, even right down to the simplest of things we take for granted.  People have often described back pain as the most painful experiences of their lives.  I’ve personally experienced this pain, with some very severe consequences.  Fortunately, I’ve come to learn and understand exactly what causes back pain, and how to overcome it.  I’d like to share with you what I have learned.  It’s actually a bit more complex than one might think.  Back pain is the literal disconnect between mind, body, and spirit, manifesting itself physically in your body.


Causes of Back Pain

There are too many ways for back pain to occur to discuss them all here.  Ultimately the root causes are actually quite few.  It is the root causes of back pain that will be covered here, as well as the solutions to attain relief.



It is our deep inner connection with ourselves and Spirit that keeps us strong, resistant to toxic thoughts as well as physical toxins and weakness.  The most important gift we can give ourselves is to take time each and every day to connect spiritually.  I recommend meditation above all else as the fastest and easiest way to honor our spiritual connection.  It helps us to stop the cycle of negative self-talk that goes on in our minds when we’re not paying attention, to escape into the place deep within us where we are powerful, and helps to bring our attention to the higher frequencies of love, peace, forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation, and joy.  There is no room for doubt, fear, anger, or worry when we exist in the higher frequencies; therefore, the lower frequencies can literally cause us no harm while we are in a state of joy or love.  It is our spiritual connection that allows us to step into these higher frequencies.


What happens when our spiritual connection is blocked?  We become vulnerable to negative thought patterns that cause stress.  This is where the mind comes into the back pain equation.



Do you know what’s going on in your mind when you’re not paying attention?  Most of us don’t.  We just have a bad moment, or a bad day – oftentimes having no idea why.  Then there are times when we know exactly what’s bothering us.  But why?  Why are some things (and people) such a trigger to cause us to have any bad feelings at all?  When our spiritual connection is strong, everything outside us is irrelevant.  But when our minds become vulnerable to triggers due to a weakened spiritual connection, stress begins, and emotional toxicity begins to change us, right down to the cellular level.  We begin to experience physical pain.  Diseases appear.  And we become more stressed as the cycle keeps building.


The number one reason why we experience back pain is emotional.  It is very much stress related.  How?  The spine is the support system of our body.  Most of us become stressed about finances, do we not?  Considering that 97% of people are not financially free, most of us tend to worry about making ends meet.  Others of us pay our bills and might even have enough money left over to save or buy the things that we enjoy, but hate our jobs, and long for careers that fulfill us and make us happy.  Some of us have enough money to be comfortable and even enjoy our jobs somewhat, but find that when we go to work, we need to work insane amounts of hours, without enough help or support from others, and therefore not enough time to enjoy our families, hobbies, or even to honor our mind-body-spirit health.  We have families to care for, and bills to pay, and the pressure mounts up quickly.  We feel as if we have the world on our shoulders, don’t we.


So what happens?  This pressure of having the whole world on our shoulders manifests itself physically in the form of back pain – particularly, in our lower backs, around the L3/L4/L5/S1 discs.  Our backs will literally begin to give out on us under the increasing pressure.  Discs begin to bulge and herniate, pain begins to radiate to other parts our bodies – we become even more stressed over feeling the intense pain, and then we begin to worry about how to go to work.  More financial stress adds to the pressure, and the pain gets worse, until we hear the words “you need surgery” from our doctors.  Most of us have no idea that our back pain is anything beyond physical, so surgery might help a little, but it’s not a complete cure, because it doesn’t do a thing to address the mental and emotional reasons behind the back pain.


When we have subconscious programs running through our minds having to do with fear over finances, anger or frustrations over our careers, guilt, shame, hatred of our jobs, or frustration over not having enough support from co-workers, family or friends, and when we are not experiencing joy, playfulness, or having fun, we begin to experience back pain.  The subconscious programs literally create a physical reality of weakened support in our bodies, and we feel it in our backs.  It is very important to acknowledge our feelings and pay attention to the thoughts we are having, so that we can release the negative energy that’s trapped inside us, and reprogram our subconscious minds to create a new reality for us that doesn’t include back pain.



What are the physical reasons why we might experience back pain?  There are numerous challenges we may be facing physically when it comes to back pain.  These include:

Trauma – if we get into an accident of some type, we can injure our backs and experience severe back pain.

Nutrition – if we’re eating all the wrong foods, particularly polyunsaturated fats that cause inflammation, we can develop back pain.  Nutrients that are good for spinal health include selenium, copper, and magnesium.  Hormone imbalance can also cause spinal discomfort and muscular back pain, as can under- or over-hydration.  Additionally, eating too few calories also contributes to lower metabolic rate and thyroid dysfunction, which leads to over-hydration and diluted mineral content – which depletes us of the very minerals our spinal discs need.

Toxicity – we can experience back pain due to toxicity in the body and mind.  Toxicity prevents our bodies from having the ability to absorb the nutrients they need, while almost always causing or contributing to acidic bioterrain and weight gain.  Additionally, excess toxicity contributes to lymphatic congestion which can often manifest itself as back pain.

Exercise – sometimes back pain relief comes as simply as strengthening our abdominal and back muscles by providing the extra support in our bodies so that our spines can be relieved of the load they carry.  The pressures of life can often leave very little time for us to exercise.  Additionally, when we’ve gained weight due to poor diet and lack of exercise, this literally adds to the load our spines must carry.  Taking just a few minutes every other day to strengthen and stretch our muscles can do wonders to prevent and relieve back pain.

Sleep – if we’re not getting enough sleep, the muscles of our body begin to weaken, and we become overly-acidic.  This causes back pain.  Have you ever experienced pain in your back one night, and had the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep, and even sleep in, and found your back pain was relieved or gone when you woke up the next morning?  When you are experiencing back pain, be sure to give your body some well-deserved and needed rest, particularly in the way of getting a good night’s sleep.


Back Pain Relief

So what can be done to get to the root of back pain and experience lasting relief?  The answer lies in our mind-body-spirit integration.  I’ve personally experienced severe and debilitating back pain myself, even having lost a job over it, and having doctors tell me I needed to have surgery.  More importantly though, I’ve overcome the back pain, without ever having had surgery.  I’m about to tell you how.


  • ThetaHealing® addresses the subconscious programs that cause us to attract and create the experiences we have in our lives, including back pain.  During a ThetaHealing® session I had, I literally felt a “pop” in my low back.  I had been experiencing severe pain and could barely move at the time, as my L5/S1 disc was bulging, and my sacroiliac joint (SI joint) was twisted.  Even the most basic of movements had me in tears.  After my ThetaHealing® session, which addressed the root cause on the subconscious level, all pain was relieved immediately, and I have never again experienced back pain.
  • Reconnective Healing® sessions are extremely helpful to address and relieve back pain.  Reconnective Healing® results are real and measurable.  Check out this video by William Tiller on his scientific findings on how Reconnective Healing® works.

  • Chiropractic adjustments are very beneficial to back health.  As your spine is realigned, surrounding muscle pain is relieved.  I encourage you to work with a chiropractor who resonates with you, as chiropractic adjustments can make a world of difference in your back pain levels.


  • Far Infrared Ray mats provide permanent healing for back pain.  Far Infrared Rays help to detoxify the body, increase blood circulation, reduce pain and stiffness, and control muscle and joint stiffness, among other things.  It’s one of the best things you can do for your body, to give it Far Infrared Ray treatment.

  • Meridian tapping techniques such as TFT® (Thought Field Therapy®) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) help to release the negative energy that are trapped in our meridians.  This is an excellent way to let go of subconscious toxic thought patterns and begin to experience lasting back pain relief.  I utilize TFT® and EFT as part of my coaching sessions.
  • The 7 Day Back Pain Cure Free BookJesse Cannone’s 7 Day Back Pain Cure provides some very valuable information on how to address and relieve back pain.  Head on over to his site to pick up his book, “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure” for free.  You’ll also receive five free bonuses in addition to his book.  His information was very helpful for me in my journey to my own pain-free back, and I encourage everyone to grab this free book and bonuses while they are available.  I also encourage you to check out the Far Infrared Heating Pad and Rub on Relief cream for additional pain relief.  I also highly recommend the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System, which you can do right from the comfort of your own home.
  • EAT! and supplement with fulvic-based ionic liquid vitamins and minerals, as these are most organic and bioavailable – which makes them the most effective.
  • Exercise to prevent back pain and strengthen your abdominal and back muscles.  Do not try to exercise if you are in severe pain; work with a practitioner instead, until you are able to exercise.  You can also use a chi machine to alleviate back pain.
  • Drink enough, but not too much water.  
  • Use magnesium oil or lotion to help to relax your muscles.  Using magnesium oil or lotion works transdermally – which is the best way for your body to absorb magnesium, as you don’t have to deal with any intestinal discomfort or irritation that is so often associated with magnesium supplements.  Alternatively, you can take daily baths in epsom salts.
  • Use an essential oil blend called Valor.  Valor is meant to be used as an aromatherapy remedy for self-esteem, but somehow it also seems to magically take physical pain away.  My chiropractor introduced me to it one day when I went to see him for an adjustment, when my back was in such intense pain I was in tears and walking sideways.  He rubbed two drops of it onto my back before he began his adjustment.  I was shocked at how quickly the pain went away.  When I asked him what it was that he used on my back, he showed me a little bottle that he referred to as his “chiropractor in a bottle.”  It was a bottle of Valor.  I asked him to use it on me again the next time I went in for a chiropractic adjustment, and sure enough, the pain disappeared again.  It also helps with self-worth and self-esteem, just as it was designed to.  Give it a try and see for yourself!  UPDATE:  If you’re having trouble finding Valor for a reasonable price, there are a couple of other essential oil alternatives that I’ve tried out and can highly recommend.  They are Align by Eden’s Garden and Self Esteem by Plant Therapy.  Both of these are equally as effective as Young Living’s Valor, in my experience.
  • And most importantly, strengthen your spiritual connection.  Meditate daily, or as often as you can.  Step out of your worries and into this moment of now.  Appreciate the little things in life, as these are the things that so often bring us the most joy.  Love yourself and others unconditionally, and live in peace and happiness.

no more back pain!


By integrating your body with your mind and spirit, your back pain can easily and quickly become a thing of the past, and you can find yourself feeling better in every way.


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