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Did you know that if you are struggling with procrastination, it may have much less to do with your willpower than you think? It may actually have a lot more to do with what you’re holding onto in your mind and body.

Candida albicans fungusInside each and every one of our bodies exists a micro-organism called Candida Albicans. When in balance, this beneficial yeast helps our immune system by keeping bacteria in check. But when out of balance, Candida can aggravate some pretty serious challenges to our health – not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Physically, Candida overgrowth occurs easily after we’ve become ill and have taken antibiotics. If we don’t replenish our gut flora with probiotics, Candida can overwhelm the small intestine and populate up and out of the digestive tract, and cause any one or more of a very large number of symptoms. But why does this only happen to some people, while others have no problems at all with Candida overgrowth, even after taking antibiotics? The answer lies in the energy of each person.

On the emotional level, Candida is attracted to the energy vibrations of anger and resentment. If we’re holding on to any anger towards ourselves or others – even on an unconscious level that we’re not even aware of – we’re much more likely to experience Candida overgrowth, even if we haven’t taken any antibiotics. Furthermore, on the energetic level, Candida has its own personality: Procrastination.

Another reason why we might find ourselves with Candida overgrowth is because of another condition we may be experiencing, which is also tied to procrastination – and that is hormone imbalance.  Specifically, hypothyroidism, whether that be due to the thyroid, itself, malfunctioning, or, oftentimes even more likely – hypothyroidism at the cellular level, or lack of proper or adequate thyroid hormone conversion in the liver, gut, and in the body’s cells, which typically accompanies long-term or chronic caloric and carbohydrate restrictive diets.

candida-procrastinationIf you find yourself constantly pushing yourself to complete your projects, habitually procrastinating, always telling yourself “I’ll do it later,” no matter what it is or how much you really want to do it, while instead sitting in front of your television, eating potato chips and ice cream, you could possibly have Candida overgrowth. So rather than getting angry with yourself over procrastination yet again, and perpetuating the self-blame and anger cycle, consider checking yourself for Candida overgrowth. Here is a very simple and accurate self-test you can do for free:

  1. Locate a clear unmarked water or juice glass. If you don’t have one, you can buy one in any grocery or dollar store. Put it out where you’ll see it first thing in the morning when you wake up.
  2. Upon waking, before you brush your teeth, before you drink your water or coffee or tea, and before you eat anything, fill your clear glass up with water, and then gather all the saliva in your mouth, and spit into the glass of water.
  3. Observe the saliva. If it begins to develop leg-like strings along the bottom of the saliva sample, dangling down into the water, or if the water becomes cloudy in the middle of the glass, or if sediment falls down to the bottom of the glass, then you have Candida overgrowth.
  4. The faster you observe these things occur, the worse the problem is. For example, if this happens within seconds or just a couple of minutes, your problem is quite severe. If it takes longer, it’s less severe.
  5. If the saliva simply floats there without developing leg-like strings or becoming cloudy in the middle or depositing sediment, then you likely do not have a Candida imbalance.

Resolving Candida overgrowth can be much less difficult than we think, when integrating mind, body, and spirit remedies and techniques. Once Candida is back in balance in our bodies, we tend to find that procrastination becomes much easier to overcome.


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