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Slap!  Slam!  Crumble!  Ouch!  I’m hearing and sensing a lot of that going on in Collective Consciousness today.  Slapped with more challenges, each harder than the last, doors of opportunity slamming shut – well it feels like the rug has been pulled out from underneath many of us and the ground has crumbled beneath our feet!  Why, oh why, is this happening!?  I hear a collective cry.  It’s not fair!  I didn’t do anything to deserve this!  Ahhh but you did.  You thought bigger than what this matrix has been able to support.  You dared to dream big, and now the whole world must be rebuilt – and this, dear Divine God Sparks, this is a wonderful and beautiful thing.  When one door slams… another one is being built for you!


You’re being kicked out of the nest.  With the ground crumbled beneath your feet, what choice have you now but to spread your wings and fly?  Yes, you do still have the choice to fall to the crumbling ground and get swallowed up, and if that’s what you must do for a while, then it is, and so honor that.  But if it is your choice to fly, then you will rise above your tribulations sooner than later.  Today we are to focus on healing our mind, feeling compassion for ourselves, and withdrawing into solitude for a time for meditation, so as to clear all the mental chatter and receive guidance from our Souls.  The guidance is to follow our Hearts – but if we cannot get clear guidance, then how can we hear the wisdom of our Heart?  Make it a priority today to take some time alone for yourself and meditate.  Be mindful – watch your thoughts.  Whenever you catch yourself thinking an unkind thought towards yourself, forgive it.  Apologize to yourself, and change your thought to one that is loving.  Be compassionate with yourself.  And remember – whatever it is, just Love it.


Face your adversities head on.  Don’t run scared, and don’t put your energy into imagining all the outcomes you don’t want.  Instead, keep your focus on the goals you originally set, understanding that all these challenges are put before you as the universe’s way of asking you, “are you sure you want what you want?”  The challenges happen because everything that is not in alignment with the desires you set intent for must rise up to the surface to show you what beliefs you have that are in opposition to the goals you have set.  The challenges present you with an opportunity to say, “oh yes, I see you, I made you in the past, and I forgive this.”  When your beliefs are changed, and outer reality goes to reflect your new beliefs back to you, it isn’t always a smooth, easy transition.  In many cases, such as what we’re collectively seeing now, there are many intense challenges that rise to the surface.  Are you going to believe in them and put power in them and therefore keep the status quo?  Or will you show your resilience and rise above these illusions that seem so solid and real?  Be patient.  Think of it as like a movie set, or a play.  The crew must come in and change the props – it’s a little chaotic for just a little while.  The show will go on, and the scenery will change if you let it.  Follow your Heart!


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