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“Wow, where did that come from?  I thought I was done with that old grief.  Had I not spent several years processing that and let go already?  Why do I feel like a big raw nerve today?”  That’s the energy I feel when tuning into Collective Consciousness – a lot of old emotions surging up like a geyser, stuff that we didn’t realize wasn’t fully gone, coming to the surface to be seen and felt – and not gently.  You may notice feelings of nostalgia today, bittersweet, beckoning you to grasp onto, once again, what you worked so hard to let go of.  People may seem thoughtless and inconsiderate, and you may find yourself feeling very triggered by stupid things people sometimes say.  This is due to wounding in your past over not having been seen or heard, and you may really be noticing today – and feeling quite angry about it – when someone says some thoughtless thing that might as well scream out, “you’re nothing to me, I don’t see you for who you are or how you feel, I can’t see past my own ego.”


The temptation will be to go in and entertain a whole lot of self talk and “wound licking” if this occurs, a lot of mentally putting the other person down, and criticism and judgment, but this is what we need to be mindful about.  We can’t be triggered unless we believe the lie.  So instead of judging the person who can’t seem to see you or acknowledge or recognize you for who you are, the guidance from Spirit today is to dive into your imagination and create with passion.  See yourself and listen to your desires.  Recognize yourself for who you are.  You are a Divine creator!  How do you like to be creative?  Maybe you’d like to write about all these emotions that are coming up to you today – but don’t stop at writing.  Decorate your journal while you’re at it.  Maybe you’d like to take some watercolor paints and paint some pages of your journal to match how you feel.  Get some blingy stickers or draw on your pages.  Maybe you love to get creative when you cook.  Today would be a great day to create a delicious meal with passion and pride.  Maybe you’ve had an idea for a book to write.  Today’s the day to get started with that!  Perhaps you like to sew or crochet or sing or dance or play an instrument and create music – whatever it is you love to do – express yourself!  Create with passion today.


I also received guidance for someone in particular – I don’t know who you are, but you do.  Plan that vacation you’ve thought about, and go see the dolphins.  They have special spiritual healing and communion with you.  There’s a soul connection there.  Your spirit will be completely rejuvenated, and something old that was broken will heal.  Also, specific guidance for someone who is missing their children:  your children are safe and happy.  Let that comfort you, so you may go ahead and let yourself cry, and then dry your eyes and heal your broken heart.  It’s time to move ahead now, and find yourself again.  Your passions and creativity will lead you back to the part of you that was left behind when your heart shattered into a million pieces.  The time has come for you to be whole again.


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