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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness is that you are on the right track with your new idea, which has been Divinely inspired, and you are congratulated for picking it up and moving with it!  This new idea or project is brilliant, and you are urged to continue playing with it, working on it, without delay.  Go by your feelings.  What feels right in moving forward?  Don’t over analyze it.  Go with your feelings.  Not only is it something that will benefit others, it’s also a means for making your own dreams a reality.


And regarding your dreams:  we are asked to clarify exactly what are dreams are and then focus like a laser.  Your thoughts have been a little scattered, churning like the sea, with a thought rising like a wave here and another there, and before any calming of the waves takes place, you’re onto your next thought.  Your mind looks like a hurricane!  Chaos.  If you ate your 3D food like that, you’d choke to death.  Remember, you’ve got to chew and swallow before you take your next bite.  It’s time to treat your thoughts like your 3D food.  Your guides are all over the place trying to connect with other guides to bring about the circumstances you desire, but your mind is moving onto another thought so quickly, there is no room for processing.  You aren’t even sure what you want, and this is a problem.


You are asked to slow down and really clarify your dreams.  What do you want?  Please get a journal and write a list.  In one column, write down what it is you want.  In the next column, write down why you want it.  Then, please pick something that is what you want the most right now.  Just one thing.  Don’t worry about everything else you want.  You are to focus on just one thing right now that you want with all your Heart.  If you’re not sure how to determine that, again – go with your feelings.  Come back to the present moment and just feel.  Which item evokes feeling from your Heart?  Which item brings tears to your eyes, happy tears of joy, to consider the reality of it?  The wish that you feel with your Heart is the one that is your Heart’s desire.  Start there.


Once you have decided on what that is, go back to your journal, and imagine that you are your future self who has manifested this particular wish.  And write about your life from the point of view of already having it.  As you create this story, envision it in your mind.  Breathe it in.  Live it.  Feel it.  Feel the joy and excitement in it.  In your mind, it is real!  And reality begins in your mind.  The 3D world can only ever reflect what’s in your mind.  So make it real in your mind!  Your guides will be able to make the connections in the ethers to bring your wish to fruition, once you can stop sending them all over the place with your scrambled thoughts.  Clarify your dreams, and focus!  Your wishes are about to be realized!


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Art © Josephine Wall




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