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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness is telling us that we need to turn down our thoughts a bit and allow our beingness to flow.  Your creative side is bursting at the seams, so to speak, to come out and express your Soul.  We are asked to honor that through our sensuality.  Take some time today to indulge your senses.  Stop and feel the sunshine on your skin.  Take a moment to stop thinking and just enjoy how that feels.  Go get yourself some flowers and breathe in their fragrance.  Don’t think about it.  Utilize your nose to smell the fragrance.  Use your fingertips and feel the silky smoothness of their petals.  Take a moment to be one with them and appreciate their mere presence.


Whatever it is that you feel like doing today to indulge your senses – do it.  Go somewhere to feast your eyes on beauty that elates you.  Take a bath with luxuriant, aromatic bath salts.  Go get a massage, or exchange one with your partner, and make love.  Eat something decadent, without guilt, or drink some coffee or tea that smells and tastes decadent.  Go pump iron at the gym and indulge in sore muscles afterwards.  Create something.  Dance.  Sing.  Listen to music and just feel the emotions the music evokes.  Let your tears come up, let them flow.  There is so much beauty here.


As you open up and allow your expressive Soul to flow through you, without all the words of our thoughts there like hurdles for our Soul to jump over, you may experience old hurts as they rise to the surface.  As more of your Soul embodies, there is no room for the past hurt that you’ve held onto.  So when they rise to the surface to be seen and felt, don’t reject them.  Don’t shun them.  Don’t stuff them back down.  Just love them.  Whatever old shame there is, just love it.  Whatever guilt you have, just love it.  Whatever anger or rage or resentment comes up, just love it.  Whatever fear presents itself, just love it.  Whatever triggers you in the outer world, just love it.  Today, simply be in Love with all that is, no matter what it is.  Within each and every emotion, there is Love to be found, and you are asked to find the Love within every emotion today.


Today is all about loving yourself unconditionally and allowing your Soul to come through and live life through your senses.  You are the universe.  Everything is within you.  Everything that you reject is a part of yourself that you reject, and today we are all asked to practice complete and unconditional self love and self acceptance.  Let your Soul come through and live through you.  Let your essence shine.  In Truth, Love is all there really is.  Today, let us tune into that and become Love.  Love simply Loves, that is Love’s essence.  In true reality, it is also ours, because we are Love.  So whatever it is, just Love it.  And make sure you take the time and make the effort to really feel the Love.  Let your senses come alive.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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