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In the process of setting boundaries and taking stock of our relationships, clearing out the toxic ones and cutting ties with certain people in our lives, it’s important to remember that we are not the only ones deciding to part ways.  In tuning into collective consciousness today, I feel that sting of rejection.  Some of us feel as though we’ve been blindsided – because certain others in our lives have decided to let us go, and we were not expecting it from these particular people – perhaps family members or children of siblings or friends who decided to take on their parent’s issues with you in their never-ending attempt to win their narcissistic, toxic parent’s approval.  How do we deal with rejection, especially from those we’ve only ever loved?


The lesson is to remember that it’s all about frequencies.  Each of us has our own lessons, our own programming, our own emotions to feel and beliefs to resolve.  Setting boundaries with others can automatically set boundaries with everyone who shares a particular vibration as the one you established the boundaries with.  As your own vibrational frequency rises, as you heal your own emotional issues and programmed beliefs, you find that certain people just simply don’t resonate with you any longer.  They no longer fit into your life.  And they were never meant to stay – even if they are blood relatives.  If they do not want to heal their own issues, we cannot force it on them – and the simple act of raising our own frequency essentially causes others to do the same whenever we’re around them.  Sometimes they need to let us go so that we can continue to move forward in our own lives, without guilt over letting them go or fear of moving on without them.  Look at it as a blessing they have given us, and bless them in return, with Love and gratitude for who they are and for the gift of freedom they have given you.  Remember that life is all endings and new beginnings, and oftentimes the new beginning you’ve been praying for can only come on the heels of an ending.


Understand that we are all on our own paths.  Just because someone’s path is different than yours doesn’t make theirs wrong.  Love them even if they have rejected you.  You don’t have to have close ties with them to feel love for them and bless them.  It’s possible that, one day, they will stumble onto your path and make it their own because of the love you showed them and because of the boundaries you set that taught them how to treat you and others with respect.  Perhaps they never will have any dealings with you again.  Either way, a gift of detachment has been given, so receive it with grace and gratitude.  Let yourself grieve the perceived loss if you feel you need to, and then remember that you have You, and you are Love.  There is no rejection that hurts like self-rejection, so put your arms around yourself and give yourself the acceptance that no one else can ever give you.


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Art © Josephine Wall






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