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Tuning into collective consciousness today, I feel a very strong sense of wanting to let go of old toxic thoughts and patterns – a desire to let go and move forward.  It seems many of us are ready and willing to forgive, but the part of us that was hurt is still holding onto some anger.  Thoughts are going round and round about someone and what they did to you, and we’ve just grown so tired of carrying that around with us everywhere we go.  But how do we let go?


That desire to forgive and let go is coming from the Divine in you.  Your inner child, however, still holds on because it’s still looking for your unconditional Love, compassion, and self-acceptance.  It still believes that it is not enough or not good enough or worthless or shameful or guilty – and still angry at the person and/or situation that triggered those emotions.  The inner child is still waiting for you to tell it the Truth about itself – that it is Love, and that none of those old beliefs are actually True.  Once what is underneath the anger is resolved and set right, the anger itself has no choice but to dissipate, like clouds in the face of the sun.  Sometimes, though, even after you have addressed the old beliefs and emotions, the anger remains due to the body’s memory.  It’s become a pattern in the body – even a habit.  There’s someone who you can’t even think of without those old angry thoughts and judgments coming up and clouding up your sky again.  You find yourself torn between wanting to let go and stop giving that person your power, while also feeling like some hidden part of you is not quite ready to forgive and let go – and it feels exhausting.


Today’s guidance from Spirit is to practice seeing yourself and the other person (or situation) through the eyes of unconditional Love.  It’s not condoning the other person’s behavior.  It’s not saying they were right.  It’s not saying that your circumstance is ideal.  It is, however, saying “I accept that this has been my reality, and that it hurt, but I have tired of this old pattern.  I acknowledge that this has given me pain and suffering because I believed that I wasn’t enough, or I wasn’t good enough, or that I was shameful or guilty or afraid, or traumatized or grieving, or whatever it was that I believed.  But I’m ready to see the Divinity within this situation, and I’m ready to see the Divinity within this person who I used to allow to hurt me when I thought I was less than I really am.  I’m ready to stop letting this person or circumstance hurt me anymore, and I’m ready to stop allowing these toxic thoughts to lower my vibration every time I think of this person or circumstance.  I deserve to think better thoughts, and I am allowing myself to think better thoughts from here on out.  I forgive myself – the part of me that was hurt, the part of me that allowed the hurt, the part of me that judged, the part of me that felt powerless.  I forgive myself.  And I choose not to hold onto this old pattern any longer.  It is safe for me to open up my Heart and see myself and this other person and this situation through the eyes of unconditional Love.”


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Art © Josephine Wall




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