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Oh that feeling – you know the one.  That desire that burns within you, that yearning for self expression.  That idea which has blossomed from flower to fruit, it’s so real you can almost taste it.  It’s almost as if your skin can no longer contain you, for all the need to bust out and be the You that you so long to be… but something from your past keeps that lid on your box locked.  In the past you tried, and it didn’t work.  You got hurt.  Rejected.  Abandoned.  Maybe you even lost your home and your loved ones and everything that made you feel worthy and safe in your life.  But hey, guess what?  You got through it.  And now here you are, feeling your Soul within you, banging against your skin, saying trust me!  Let me out!  Let me shine!  I can do this!


You don’t have to feel afraid to feel the pain of rejection or abandonment or loss ever again.  You’ve been there.  You surrendered to it, and you’ve learned that there is no reason to fear it.  You’ve used that fear for a while now – the fear of losing everything again if you dare to let yourself shine once more, but it’s time now for you to let that go.  Your Soul knows exactly what you want and exactly what to do.  And if you feel uncertain, remember that you have angels and guides who are with you every minute of every day.  All you have to do is ask.  Tell them your fears, tell them how much it hurt in the past, and tell them what you want.  Tell them what you feel afraid to want.  Give them what you can’t know – the how and the when – give that to them, while you just focus on the what.  Beam your light there, on the what – on the desire – on the feeling of being You, fully expressed, fully realized, fully accepted, fully Loved.


Your Soul is the Light that came to express itself through you – to beam and shine as you.  There is only integration left between you and your inner child and your higher self – your body, mind and Soul.  What would you rather embody?  Your Light or your fear?  Surrender to what you don’t know.  Let go of the need to know the how and the when.  Fear of the unknown and fear of your past pain only keep you stuck – all it does is to keep the lid on your box of Light locked down.  You are the one who decides what.  Beam your light on that.  Surrender your fears of the unknown, along with your fear of being hurt again, and enjoy every precious moment of the ride.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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