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Detox Your Mind and Heal Your Energy

You need to detox your mind and heal your spirit – heal your energy – every bit as much as you need to detoxify your physical body. In fact, it is even more important to detox your mind than anything else!

One thing that modern science has proven is that nothing in our physical existence – including that which goes on in our own bodies – happens without the direct command of the spirit, or energy. If you have a toxic body, guess what? You have been enduring toxic thoughts. You need to detox your mind.

It all starts with our desires, or more accurately, the lack of fulfillment of those very special desires. This causes stress. In this day and age, stress becomes a way of life, and our spirituality suffers. Our wishes become pushed into the background, and simply surviving each day becomes all we can do. We become trapped by accepting the reality that we see and forget about what we really feel, deep down – the desires of our hearts. This takes a toll on our energy, and by extension, our bodies. Every time we allow ourselves to lose faith in achieving our desires, when we begin to believe that we can’t manifest what we want, we entrap ourselves in this one physical reality, the one we actually see. This causes negative emotions to arise, and creates stress. Negative emotions and stress cause an acidic effect on our bodies, attacking our cells and organs – and what’s worse – indulging in constant negative thoughts attracts more negativity into our lives. We create a rut and become trapped in it, with our bodies paying a huge price.

The key is to get back to your dreams. Focus once again on what it is that you want, and keep it in the front of your mind each and every day. Keep your faith! Do not allow yourself to indulge in negative feelings. It’s easy to allow ourselves to feel victimized, at the mercy of others and our environment. Believe me, I know this is true. It takes courage to keep believing that you can and will have all the desires of your heart, to keep the faith, after trying and enduring what we perceive to be failures – but are really just delays. Ask for what you want. Believe that it is yours. Expect it. Keep that faith, no matter what, no matter how long it may seem to take for its manifestation. Act in accordance with your faith. You attract what you think about, in your conscious as well as in your subconscious mind. This is why it is crucial to detox your mind. I’m going to give you some tips below on how you can go about the “detox your mind” process and heal your spirit. Energy healing is essential for a whole healthy life!

Is there something that you want? Something you greatly desire? What are you interested in that is good and pure and profitable to your being? Can you take a moment and remember what your dreams are? Stop thinking about everything else for a moment, and give your thoughts entirely over to what it is that you greatly desire. Remove every other thought, and think for a moment, without doubts, that you can and will attain that which you desire. Imagine, for a moment, if you will, that you already have this. How do you feel? Can you hold on to this feeling and feel gratitude for it?

Now take a pen and paper and write out your life, as it is. What are you writing about? How do you feel as you are writing about your life as it currently is? These are the things your mind has been focusing on and trapped inside of. These are the very things you need to let go of in order to detox your mind and heal your spirit.

Start a new piece of paper. On this paper, you will write out every “negative” thing in your life. Everything that you do not want anymore. Poor health. Limited finances. Stressful job. Loneliness. World strife. Strained relationships. Whatever it is in your life that you have judged as “negative,” write it down here. When you are done, I want you to accept each of these things as part of your life experience that you are grateful for. Grateful for?!? YES! I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but trust me on this! Each “negative” thing that comes up in your thoughts and emotions is actually coming from a deeper part of you that is alerting you to the beliefs you are asked to let go of and change. They are begging you for your acknowledgment, and you are the only one who can give that! Acknowledge those beliefs without resistance or judgment. Accept them as a part of you that has been trying to get your attention. Simply listen to them as you would listen to a friend in need of a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Embrace them, and invite them into your Heart, where Truth is. Once they’re inside the space of your Heart, they can no longer exist as illusions, but rather must dissolve back into the nothingness from which they came. Your Heart knows the Truth – that none of those beliefs are real or true. So listen to those thoughts that your ego-mind is concerned about, and then answer them from your Heart. Feel gratitude for the lessons they have taught you, and give thanks to them. Then, simply let all of those things go. In your mind, in your Heart, as you acknowledge and accept each thought you have listed, it disappears from your being – along with your resistance to it. What you judge or resist, you give more power to, so just let all of that go. As of now, you begin your new life without worries over any of those things. You have begun to detox your mind with this step.

Now take a deep cleansing breath, straight up from your belly, and slowly exhale out your mouth. Clear your mind. Start another new piece of paper, and on this, write down all that you are grateful for in your life – all the things that you have judged as “good” and “positive.” Feel the gratitude well up inside you as you write down what it is that you already have for which you are thankful. Give thanks for these things with all your heart, and let the happiness fill you. By doing this, you detox your mind even more, and this step begins to heal your energy.

Now add to this list. Think of what it is that you want¸ what you so greatly desire, and add these things to your list of all that you are grateful for. In Truth, once you simply conceive in your mind anything you want, it is already yours! That reality is created in the realm of thought, and when the desire comes from your Heart, as long as you allow it to come to material fruition, it will. As you write them, visualize yourself in the reality in which these things or people or circumstances are already part of your life. Anything you want – just write it, and believe you already have them – because in Truth, you do. And give thanks for them. Then, take your list, and put it into a safe place, and go on doing whatever you are doing, completely focused on your task at hand, Present, in the moment of Now in all you think and say and do. Take a moment to ask the Universe, or God, or Creator, or whatever or Whomever you believe in, that is larger than yourself, ask for what you want. Give thanks for these things as if they are already yours. Expect them to arrive. Know that you deserve all good things that you ask for. Know that they are already yours. Let yourself feel the joy as you create and read your list – the creation of your own mind written with your own hand. Every time you do this, you detox your mind and heal your energy.

Each day, focus on what you are doing. Remain Present. If you have any thoughts come up about what you do not want, simply accept them, give thanks for the information your worries provide – insights to what is going on in your subconscious mind. Acknowledge and accept your worries, without judgment or resistance, and then answer them with Truth from your Heart, and let them go. Do not dwell on them anymore. Turn your thoughts back to what you are thankful for, and what you desire, and Be Present. For example, if you want a disease-free body, then don’t focus on a disease-free body, as that’s actually focusing on disease. That is focusing on what you do not want. Instead, focus on a healthy body. Your healthy body. See yourself as already being in perfect health. And then honor your wishes by healthy practice. Physically detoxify your body and nourish your body with healthy foods and pure water, while focusing on your own perfect health in your mind. Let your desires go and just know they are already yours.

When focusing on your desires – on what you want – it is of utmost importance that you do so from the standpoint of having, and not from the standpoint of wanting or needing these things. Why? The Law of Attraction. When you are focusing on what you want from the standpoint of not already having it – focusing on it because you need it, then guess what? Your vibration is one of having need – so the Law of Attraction requires that you will attract exactly what you are in vibrational harmony with, meaning that you will only bring about more of wanting and needing the very thing you desire. And that means that you will never actually have it. Always approach what you want from a place of already having it. I know that seems nearly ridiculously difficult, but it’s actually easy. It just takes some practice. Remember Gandhi’s words: Be the change you wish to see in the world. In other words, don’t wait around for things to happen outside yourself before you can be the person you want to be, but rather, step into the shoes of the person you wish to be – right here, right now. Jump into the energy and vibration of already having and being that which you desire. Pretend if you have to, at first. Pretend until it becomes your nature, and you have eventually shifted into the role you’ve been playing. We’re taught that this is lying, but that’s actually not true. It’s not a lie. It’s an order that we’re sending out to the Universe. It’s up to us to command that which we desire, and not to wait around lamenting that it’s not already here.

In your mind, think of it as planting a seed. Plant it. Have faith that your seed will, with time, patience, love, water, and pulling out the weeds that get in the way, grow into the beautiful flower that it was meant to be. It’s not going to grow into a flower if you go digging the seed up all the time. So it is with our desires. Plant them. Water them. Give them love. Pull out the weeds that block the way. And let them be. Don’t go fussing about how they’re going to come to be. Just let them be, and they will be.

Turn off the news and stop reading the paper. The news programs and newspapers bring your attention to everything we’ve judged as wrong in the world, and each time we give our attention to these sad and horrendous stories, we focus our attention upon them, and in the process, give them more power. While it’s good to be informed, there’s a difference between being informed and being affected. We need to detach ourselves from the false programming as we are detoxing our minds and healing our spirits. Be informed of the issues, allow yourself to be aware of what you have judged and resisted about any discomfort that you feel if you watch the news – watch your mind about it – and then let it go.

If it’s money you need or want, then stop focusing on your debt or lack of money. Focusing on what you lack is toxic to your mind! Give thanks for what you have, and change your focus instead to what you would like to do to create wealth, and also, what you would like to do or buy or accomplish with the money you want. If you’re focusing and worrying about your debt and lack of finances, then that is exactly what you will attract more of. Remember the Law of Attraction: what you think about is what you bring about. Change your thinking – detox your mind and heal your energy. Focus on being Present – Here and Now. What do you like to do? What are you interested in? What makes you happy? Go out and do it! Or stay in and do it! Either way, doing what you love is what is going to bring forth that which you desire.

If your relationships are strained, then stop focusing on what it is you are judging and resisting about the person(s) you’re having trouble with. Listen to your ego-mind’s thoughts about the person without judgment; acknowledge and accept it. That person is only serving as a divine messenger for you to see the reflection back of your own projections. Understand why you feel bothered by somebody – because you’re seeing something in them that is reflecting back the same thing that you’re projecting, which you have only suppressed and hidden from yourself. Address it, and then forgive. Focus instead on what you’re grateful for about these people. Write down what you love or appreciate about each person in your life, and realize that the ones you resist are also here to help you, even though you may not know that – and neither may they. What is the lesson you are meant to learn from each of these people in your life? After you have written down the “positive” things about these people, make a point of telling them at least one thing that you appreciate about them. Give them some praise! It will make them feel better about you, and it will make you feel better about you! Extending gratitude towards others is a great way to detox your mind and a giant step towards energy healing.

Love yourself. I cannot stress this enough. Take a moment and close your eyes. Clear your mind. And feel. Just feel. Do you feel a vibration within your body? Look deeper inside. Find YOU. What do you feel? Feel the love. That is all there is. Love is all there is. Beneath the illusions of this physical life, beneath poor health or poverty or stress, underneath it all, there is only love. That love is YOU. Feel yourself. Open your heart and let yourself feel the magnificent and wondrous being of love and light that you are. Say hi! This may be the first time in many, many years, if ever, that you are actually meeting yourself! Let this warmth and love embrace you. Know that you are wonderful! Now go out into the world and grace us all with your presence. Smile at each person you see, and you will bless each person’s day. For once you love yourself unconditionally, you love others as well. And once you love with all your heart, the Universe smiles back at you, your mind is healed, and you reflect back every good thing that you deserve. There is only love. All the rest is just illusion. The more you detox your mind, the more you heal your energy, the more you can focus on the goodness, love yourself, and attract more good things to you, as if you are literally a magnet attracting all good things.

ThetaHealing® is an extremely effective means of healing mind, body, and spirit on the subconscious level. You literally remove old subconscious programs that hold you back from achieving what you desire, and then reprogram your subconscious – all in the theta brainwave. It’s fun – and it works!

Reconnective Healing® utilizes a brand new energy frequency that has never before been known to mankind. This frequency reconnects us to Source and is extremely healing in every facet of our lives.

Take time to meditate each day. Meditation is one of the best ways to detox your mind. Close your eyes in a quiet room. Tune everything out and bring your focus within. Take a deep breath in from your belly, filling your lungs from the bottom up. Hold for 5 seconds, and then slowly exhale out your mouth. Wait 5 seconds before taking your next breath. Repeat this breathing pattern three more times, and then resume normal breathing. Go deeper and deeper inside yourself. Quiet your thoughts. And just listen. If you begin having thoughts racing through your mind again, simply whisper “shhhhh.” Hold the silence. Stay in your meditation for 5 minutes to start, working up to longer periods of time, as you become comfortable. As you become practiced in meditation, you may begin to ask questions, and then listen for the answers. All answers to all questions of life come from within you. While you may find answers elsewhere, they are other people’s answers, and while they may guide and direct you, only you can know if these are the answers that work for you. Asking and listening to the answers from within you is the only true way to get the answers that are right for you. Once you have the answer you seek, do it. Do not wait.

There is another way to meditate that I happily recommend as well, as this form of meditation has been particularly helpful to me. It’s called the Holosync program, as made available by Bill Harris of Centerpointe Research Institute. It utilizes technology called binaural beats – the binaural beats cause the brain to create new neural pathways as Alpha, Theta, and even Delta brainwave activity are instantly attained. It makes meditation fast and very effective, and you don’t have to worry about clearing your mind – in time, that begins to happen automatically, while the binaural beats automatically create the effects you seek in meditation. They offer a free demo CD on their website, if you’d like to try it out at no charge.

Another meditation program that I have found to be extremely effective is called Clear-Mind, by Paul Bauer. I cannot recommend this meditation program highly enough. I love Clear-Mind because it utilizes technology to tap into your heartwaves. That’s right – heartwaves. Why is this important? Because we manifest our desires from our hearts. Clear-Mind uses new breakthrough sound technology called Uni-Chord™, which integrates the sound of ocean waves with a special blend of scientifically proven frequencies that stimulate not only your brain, but also your entire energy system. It’s not just a meditation tool – it is an entire consciousness tool. It activates the connection between your mind and heart, and in so doing, it stimulates the Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF), which is the core hormone sent from your heart to your brain to open up arteries, reduce blood pressure, and relieve stress. It also helps to create endorphins in your body, which you feel during and after your meditation, allowing you to feel optimistic, calm, and happy.

Try tapping! My favorite tapping technique is called TFT – Thought Field Therapy. Dr. Roger Callahan discovered meridian tapping several decades ago, and found it to be a cure for many phobias, disorders and diseases – consistently showing a 98% cure rate. In fact, all other meridian tapping techniques, including EFT, were based on Dr. Callahan’s work. I’ve personally worked with Dr. Callahan and was trained by Joanne Callahan in administering TFT, and can tell you that TFT is extremely effective. Here’s a little bit about how it works. Negative feelings become trapped in our bodies’ meridians and begin to create patterns in our thinking. Our programming becomes corrupt. Additionally, all organs and systems affected by meridians with trapped negative energy begin to malfunction. By tapping on specific meridian points, in specific order, or algorithms, you literally set the trapped negative energy free, and your body can begin to heal. For more information on how TFT works, please contact me, or give Dr. Callahan’s website a visit, and request his free guide.

In the process of my own healing and transformation, I also came across a most spectacular method of healing that I also recommend very highly. It’s called The Healing Codes. This method was discovered by Dr. Alex Loyd, N.D., Ph.D., and it’s nothing short of miraculous. The Healing Codes company was founded by Dr. Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD. It is an energy healing method that has proven to completely eliminate diseases that have no known cure, such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, cancers, addictions, depression, and many other ailments. It’s a superior technique to employ in detoxing the mind and healing the body and spirit, and I encourage everyone to learn and use this technique.

Neurolinguistic Programming, or NLP, is a highly effective technique that you can use to reprogram toxic subconscious thoughts. It literally changes the way you think. In the detoxification process, this is of extreme importance. NLP has made a huge difference in my own personal transformation, and I highly recommend it to you. I utilize NLP as part of the Energetic Mastery Mindset Coaching Program.

Give to others. A toxic mind believes that he or she has nothing to give. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Each of us has something to give, whether it’s time, knowledge, money, a hand-made gift, a home-cooked meal, or even just a smile. Even a simple positive thought toward another is a gift. Each day, give. Giving demonstrates a belief in the abundance you already possess and attracts more goodness to you. Detox your mind and heal your spirit by giving freely and generously.

Do these things each and every day. If you begin to have doubts, or negative thinking begins to take hold again, then take a time out, and write down what you are grateful for, what you love, and what it is you greatly desire. Doing this will put a smile on your face! And when you smile, you feel better, as the simple act of smiling is healing to your spirit. Smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, is one very simple way to detox your mind.

One program that has gotten me personally through many a hard time has been Abraham-Hicks Publications. I strongly suggest you check them out and read and listen to everything you can get your hands on here. Warning: You may find yourself happier than you’ve ever felt and smiling till your face hurts!

One of the most effective programs ever made available to us is called The Secret of Deliberate Creation, by Dr. Robert Anthony. This program has my recommendation for information and methods to help you to detox your mind and heal your spirit – and create the life you want to live, by your own intention. This program has played a huge part in changing my life, and I encourage you to use it as well, if you want the best possible results in creating a beautiful life in every way.

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