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Today’s daily reading from Collective Consciousness is letting us know that we have achieved a victory, and that there is much to be celebrated!  We are to enjoy the fruits of our labor, and all our waiting.  Wonderful things are happening right now to further bring our desires into fruition.  But it’s important that we don’t get stuck in the waiting.  There is yet more we need to understand.  There is an outcome we are very invested in, and that outcome isn’t going to get here any sooner if we’re waiting impatiently.  The time is for us to now go inward, dive into imagination, and create.  Seek further knowledge and understanding about the ways in which we use our imaginations to create worlds.  We are more powerful than we even realize, and wielding our mind is using our God force to literally create new universes.  It’s up to us to understand how we do this.  Dive into your imagination, and watch your thoughts as you do so.  Be certain of what you want, and then be true to it.  Don’t spend time thinking thoughts that are contrary to the outcome you seek.  Instead, imagine it is already done, and live in that future, right now.


No matter how chaotic life may appear to be on the outside, remember that outer reality is simply the shadow world, only the reflection of what is inside.  Maintain control of your thoughts and imagination, without letting it run amok, deceived by outer reality.  Remember to celebrate your accomplishments – even if they haven’t appeared in the outer world yet… if they are complete in your mind, the outer reflection of that will appear.  We are in a time of hastened manifestation, and as the illusion of time moves forward, this quickening increases.  Veils are thinning.  Watch your mind like a hawk, and above all else, celebrate the achievements you have made – and that means the ones that appear in your future.  Live that reality now.


If a thought or an idea is confusing to you, do not repress it or run away from it.  Dive into it and explore its meanings.  There are gifts and power for you here.


The work you have to do is in your mind, more so than anything else.  Whatever physical action you are to take, make sure that you are in your calm, peaceful, and victorious state of mind before you do it.


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Art © Josephine Wall


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