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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness is about moving forward and taking action.  Whatever idea you’ve been cultivating – this idea that has you excited and contemplating some improvement in your life – has been given to you for the advancement of your soul.  It is time for you to take action on that idea.  Take a step forward and do something to bring that idea down from the ethers into this physical reality and give it life in this realm.  Your idea has germinated and blossomed, and it’s time to pick the fruit.  Take care not to let the fruit spoil and rot.  Harvest time is now.


Be aware of any underlying fears you have surrounding making this idea into a physical reality.  Acknowledge those fears, and take some time to feel them and explore them – but not too much time.  Once you walk through those fears, you realize that the fear was only there to tell you what beliefs you have about yourself and your ability to have what you want.  You are advised not to let your fears control or paralyze you.  You are to move forward with your idea at this time.  Take fearless action.  Or, if you have fear, take the action anyway.  Kiss the girl!  Write the book!  Quit the job!  Ask for that raise!  Invent free energy!  Sell all your stuff and move to paradise!  Whatever it is you’ve got going on in your mind that’s exciting you, no matter how scary it feels to move forward with that, the time to take the plunge has come.


Use knowledge and wisdom from past generations towards the creation of your idea.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  However, remember to question authority, and do not blindly follow tradition.  We are continually evolving and moving forward into new states of thinking and being.  Take wise counsel while being true to yourself and your idea.  Allow guidance, but don’t let anyone dictate your creation.


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