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Did you know that you don’t have to have food sensitivities for the rest of your life?  You can get those foods back!

We have as part of our immune system, a function known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the Triple Burner – which is actually an immune response in the body that is commanded by our hypothalamus.  This magnificent piece of human engineering keeps us alive and on alert for anything that could harm us… including foods.  The Triple Burner, or Triple Warmer, is actually the part of our bodies that decides if and when we develop food sensitivities.

Our Triple Burner is still a little “pre-historic,” if you will.  While our human evolution progresses, the Triple Burner is still far behind our intellectual capacity to create marvelous conveniences for ourselves.  Our less-evolved immune systems just don’t know what to do with the constant inundation of newer technologies – including many foods – so what happens?  Our Triple Burner senses danger and goes on the attack.  Before we know it, we’ve become sensitized to everything we eat, drink, and breathe.  This causes inflammation, water retention, weight gain, irritation, discomfort, pain, and any number of many other symptoms of food sensitivities.

So what do we do?  Stop eating our favorite foods?  Well that’s not a bad idea for the short-term, but who really wants to live with food sensitivities forever?  Not me!  Fortunately there’s a really easy way to slow down your immune response from your Triple Burner.

Tap the gamut point to stop your food sensitivitiesOn the back of either one of your hands, between the knuckles of the ring finger and the little finger, and just slightly below, you’ll find a small indentation.  This is what’s known in TFT® and EFT® as the “gamut point.”  It’s also your Triple Burner meridian point.  Tapping firmly on this point, while breathing deeply, slows down your Triple Burner response.  It calms down your immune response so that your body isn’t constantly on the attack.

You can actually hold an offending food in your hand and place it over your abdomen while you tap your gamut point, or Triple Burner point, and this will lower your sensitivity to the food you are holding.  Over time, the more you do this, the less you are bothered by the troublesome food.  Note:  If you are severely and/or deathly allergic to any specific food, I do not suggest you immediately consume the food after you have tapped and breathed – always use discernment, common sense, and good judgment.

This is not to suggest that we really aren’t best off to remove the foods that our bodies are sensitive to from our diets, at least for a few days.  Best to remove them for a couple of months, if possible, just to give our bodies a good long rest from all that constant attack.  But by slowing down our immune response by tapping the gamut point, we have a fast and easy way of getting rid of our food sensitivities.

Many Blessings, and Happy Tapping!

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