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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness tells us that Earth is undergoing some major energetic shifts right now, and many of us are feeling it and having a hard time dealing with it.  Many of us are experiencing “ascension symptoms” as Earth’s frequencies accelerate.  It’s all part of the awakening process, but as our brainwave frequencies are affected by Earth’s frequencies, as Earth’s frequencies accelerate, many of us who are particularly sensitive to these changes are experiencing symptoms, such as insomnia/trouble sleeping, sore throat/flu-like symptoms, coughing, depression, dizziness, digestive difficulties, exhaustion, and overall lethargy.


Additionally, we’re being shaken up, so to speak – past wounds and patterns that have been buried are coming swiftly up to the surface, and we find ourselves going through particularly emotional experiences and repeated patterns.  This is happening for a reason!  Do not resist it.  It’s happening so that you can see what your body-mind is still holding onto, that you may utilize the circumstances and the emotions to locate the underlying beliefs you have about yourself, so that you can delete those erroneous beliefs and start telling yourself the truth instead.  Honor this process.  As the frequencies accelerate, the intensity of the discomfort surrounding our errant beliefs about ourselves is increased, and patterns are also accelerated.  It’s time to become aware of what we’ve been blind to, and start letting that old stuff go.


We are reminded to remember that we are not alone as we go through this.  Many others are also feeling these symptoms as well, and many don’t understand what’s happening to them.  We’re asked to be conscious of this, and help each other through this time.  Find ways to laugh together.  Laughing is again emphasized as very important, as it is healing, and raises our frequencies, getting us into joy, as Earth’s frequencies accelerate.  This is also a time that you might feel like doing some spring cleaning – whether it’s going through your old clothes and donating them, or cleaning up a storage room in your house, or perhaps even doing a mild detox for your body – now is a good time to do that.


Make the time to go out into nature today.  Take a walk.  Feel the ground under your feet.  Clear your mind and connect with Earth today.  Watch the animals.  Feel the breeze.  Talk with Earth.  And listen to what she has to say.  She will help you to deal with her energetic shifts.


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Art © Josephine Wall




Take Time to Meditate, Let Go, and Laugh
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