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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness is giving us a loud and clear “remember who you are.”  We’re reminded that we are Divine Light, at our core.  We are, each and every one of us, a piece of God/Source.  We’ve been getting caught up in the 3D illusions again, forgetting our true nature, and we are urged to take some time today to go within and find the safety and refuge that resides within us.  Go within and listen to your Soul.  It’s time to take a pause, be still, and take care of your inner world.  Nurture your imagination with visions of scenarios that feel safe and good.  How do you want your life to look?  Paint that picture on the canvas of your mind, and then step into it and live it.  If you have any decisions facing you right now, remember to first go inward and ask your Soul for guidance.  Get into your safe place in your imagination before deciding anything.  Know exactly what you want – let your Soul tell you what your Heart’s True desires are.  Don’t make any life-changing decisions until you are clear on this.


It’s important for you to believe in what you create in your imagination.  Be sure that you are using your imagination wisely!  Consciously create what you want, in your imagination.  And then believe in your newly imagined reality with all the intensity and conviction you have in your past reality and experiences.  Remember that your past does not have to dictate your future.  You are here and now, in this moment, and you can consciously choose to create something new and different from your past.  Think about this.  Your past experiences… where’d they go?  Where do they exist?  They exist in your imagination.  You can think back and remember them.  They also exist as energy patterns in your brain and body.  But they are not solid, tangible happenings in the here and now.  Think now about your desired future.  Where does that exist?  That is in your imagination, as well.  Same as your past experiences.  You just need to bring your desired future into your brain and body, and remember it as vividly as you remember your past experiences.  You do this by spending as much time in your desired future as you have in your past reality, with the same intensity and conviction that that reality is also true and real.  Believe!


Now is the time for you to remember who you are, and create a future reality that is worthy of you, Divine Piece of God that you are, and believe in yourself!  Think better thoughts.  Put the past behind you.  Clear out the clutter in your mind.  Stop letting those thoughts run off without your supervision.  Focus on your new reality, and know with all your Heart that you deserve the life you want.  Think even bigger.  Is there something you’ve believed was completely impossible?  There isn’t anything that is impossible in your imagination.  You have superpowers beyond your wildest dreams.  Connect with them.  Think bigger and better, remembering who you are.


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