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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness is reminding us that it’s important to stop for a moment, let go, and laugh.  We are reminded that we’re not quite fully out of 3D yet – there is still a waiting period between the idea we have been working on manifesting, and the materialization of it in our 3D world.  Patience is not the strongest point for some of us.  We want what we want and we want it NOW NOW NOW!!!  And our impatience is exactly what slows down the process of actualization.  Instead of getting caught up in the “when?” and the “how?” of realizing our goals and dreams, we’re reminded to instead take the time to let go and laugh.


Meditation is called for.  Not a hit-and-miss and “oh I didn’t have the time today” approach.  We’re being reminded to meditate daily.  It’s every bit as important as eating, drinking, sleeping and breathing.  You have all the knowledge in the universe.  Did you know that?  You just haven’t been able to access it as of yet.  Meditation is your gateway to all the knowledge and wisdom you seek.  And laughter is the energy of the pure heart that attracts joy and spreads it out to others.  Let go of your worries.  Take some time off from your 3D responsibilities.  Take the world off your shoulders for a moment, and give your wish the wings it needs to fly.  Laughter and meditation are your keys.  Use them.  Use them right now.  Use them every day.


If you have trouble finding something to laugh about, perhaps you could engage in some play time with your pets.  Don’t have a pet?  Think about adopting one.  Cats are especially hilarious when you drag a string along the floor for them to chase.  Watch them pounce up into the air and show off their gymnastics.  Or go onto YouTube and search for funny pet videos.  They’re sure to get you laughing.  Ease up, don’t take life so seriously.  Fill your time with joy, laughter, and meditation, while you live patiently.  Your wishes have been heard, and all the arrangements are being made for you right now by your guides and the higher selves of everyone involved in making your wish a 3D reality.  Just remember to take the time every day to meditate, let go, and laugh.


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