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What is the key to achieving true financial freedom?  I’m going to tell you the secret:  The key to your financial freedom lies in your inner connection to Spirit.  Why?  Because the essence of our inner beings – our connection to Source – is unlimited abundance, and it is our spiritual connection that keeps us strong and resilient – immune to toxic thoughts that create negative subconscious programs that allow fear and doubt to rule our lives.

I know this can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around, so allow me to explain this.  With our connection to Spirit, we access the truth about who we really are.  It is only our limited human “programming” that makes us think that financial freedom is difficult to attain.  These programs of “lacking” float around in our subconscious minds, “bugs” in our system, so to speak.  These programs are picked up in our own experience of this lifetime, as well as passed on to our DNA genetically, and even remain as subconscious beliefs brought with us from other places and times.

In our dream of life, the physical actualization of wealth is simply the reflection of which aspects of our TRUE SELVES we are allowing to project outward freely. We already ARE True Wealth. We are already EVERYTHING we could ever desire.
~Patricia Reed

When we make spiritual connection our priority, we begin to realize that it is the connection to Spirit that truly makes all things possible for us.  Subconscious programs begin to fall away, and when we are “tapped into” who we really are, we begin to approach our desires from a point of view of already having everything we want, rather than from a position of lacking or needing.  And this is what makes all the difference in achieving our goals, whatever they may be – including financial freedom.  It seems ironic, but the truth is that once you stop worrying about needing money and other material things as your top priority, that’s when your dreams begin to come true.

Is it easy to stop worrying about making ends meet, when money is required to keep us fed, clothed, and sheltered?  Not really.  It takes a level of faith that seems to be beyond our abilities.  But that’s exactly what is needed.  With practice, it does become easier.

How to Change Your Mindset to Achieve Financial Freedom

Most of us have heard of something called “The Law of Attraction.”  Some of us have even tried to master it.  Some of us have succeeded, while others of us have found that trying to master The Law of Attraction and live by it has only made things worse and destroyed our dreams and faith.  The Law of Attraction has received some bad press, and that is completely understandable.  Why does it work for some, but not others?  The answer is:  subconscious programming.

brain-300x206Each one of us has our own subconscious programs running our lives in the background – and we usually don’t know what these programs are.  Approximately 97% of our mind is the subconscious;and unconscious mind; only about 3% of our mind is our conscious thoughts.Some people actually do not have subconscious bugs regarding prosperity.  They are able to easily align their conscious intent with their subconscious programming, and with a simple  thought of intent and positive thinking, they achieve financial freedom quickly, seeming to be the luckiest people in the world – while the rest of us struggle for months, even years, with self-help programs, affirmations, meditation, positive thinking, you name it – and just get frustrated, only to find that once you learn about The Law of Attraction, there is no going back.  So you have two choices – live in frustration, or learn why The Law of Attraction isn’t working for you and how you can fix that.

This is where the mind-body-spirit connection becomes very important.  Once you begin to recognize that it’s your subconscious programming that is attracting the people and circumstances into your life to create your reality, and that you’re trying to use only 3% of your mind to command the other 97% of your mind, you begin to understand what’s going on.  If you’re using conscious intent to try to achieve financial freedom, and it’s just not working out for you,  you can be 100% sure that your subconscious mind has some strange ideas that do not fit with your conscious intent, dreams, and wishes.  You can also be 100% certain that there are some “chinks” in your spiritual connection – you just don’t know about them.

cash5Consider this:  when you are frustrated and afraid because you need money, you will never have it.  Why?  Because the subconscious mind doesn’t understand what “needing” is.  It only knows that this is what you are focused on – the need for money.  And because that’s your focus, the subconscious mind takes it as a command to attract and create more circumstances of needing money.  When you let go of your fears and frustrations over not having money, and focus instead with joy, anticipation, and excitement over having what you want, the subconscious will eventually accept your new thoughts and feelings as new programs, and go out and get you what you are focused on.

But it’s not always that simple, is it.  It takes time for your subconscious to accept new thought forms and turn them into new programs.  And when you need money to survive, the time it takes for this to begin to work can take a toll on your new-found faith and positive thoughts.  It’s very difficult to stay out of the frequencies of fear and doubt.  I know this first-hand, and I understand exactly how you feel.  So keep reading, because you’re about to find the answers you’ve been searching for.

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious to Achieve Financial Freedom

thankful-workerDo not focus on what you don’t want until you know exactly what it is you do want.  Why not?  Because, let’s  say you hate your current job.  You know you don’t want your current job, and you’re focused on how much you’d love to get out of it.  But let’s say, you don’t know what job or career or business you would rather have.  You just know you don’t want to stay in your job anymore.  Guess what happens next?  Your subconscious mind is obedient to the Law of Attraction, and you successfully manifest your way right out of your job – and your paycheck.  But your subconscious mind hasn’t been given any instruction by you on what you want it to attract and create for you.  So now you’re out of that job you hate – but you’re also out of income.  What do you do?  Become afraid and worry?  That’s exactly what we tend to do now, isn’t it?  And yet that’s exactly what we must not do.  So I must stress this point:  Clarify, clarify, clarify what your desires are.  What would you do with your financial freedom?  Do not focus on what you don’t want until you are absolutely certain of what you do want.

Take a vacation

Take a vacation – be specific about the place you’d like to go. Focus on the surroundings and activities, and then be on the watch for inspired ideas about where the highest and best places are for you to travel. Address your subconscious beliefs about safety so that your ego-mind doesn’t sabotage your efforts in fear for your safety.

Your next step is to identify what feelings come up when you think about having what you want.  Are you feeling happy and excited about it?   Or are you feeling depressed and negative because you don’t believe you will actually ever achieve it?  Write these feelings down.  The most important part of subconscious reprogramming is in knowing what the programs are that are blocking you from financial freedom, so give yourself the gift of exploring your feelings about having what you want, no matter how uncomfortable it can be.  Believe me, this exercise will be to your benefit, and you’ll be glad you did this.

Now we get to the fun part!  There are quite a few ways available to do the actual subconscious reprogramming, but none, in my experience, are faster and easier than ThetaHealing®.  As a ThetaHealing® Practitioner, I have literally witnessed miracles in my clients’ lives, as well as my own.  ThetaHealing® isn’t just about physical healing – it covers all aspects of your life, even helping you to achieve true financial freedom.  It works by addressing the subconscious mind directly, and witnessing the reprogramming done by The Creator in real time, on the quantum level.   The subconscious is reprogrammed literally in an instant, and begins immediately to attract new people and circumstances into your life.

Along with ThetaHealing® to address the subconscious mind, it’s also important to nurture the conscious mind with positive and loving self-talk.  This is the best place to start in strengthening your spiritual connection – the place you connect within yourself with who you really are:  a being of limitless abundance and love.  Meditation is the fastest and easiest way, in my experience, to spend time basking in this beautiful place, in the connection to All That Is.  It is through this connection that it becomes easy to accept that once you stop caring so much about achieving financial freedom, the faster it actually comes to you.

Other programs I enjoy include NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming)hypnosisAbraham-Hicks PublicationsDr. Wayne Dyer programsDr. Robert Anthony’s Secret of Deliberate Creation Program, and many, many others – all of these are excellent tools and programs to help you align your conscious intent with your subconscious programming.

Starting Your Own Business

Working by the BeachIf your interest is in working for yourself,  you can achieve real financial freedom.  If this is your decision, congratulations!  You set your own hours as well as your own ceiling on how much your time is worth to you, and how much value you bring to others.  Getting your subconscious into alignment with your conscious intent lines you up for real success in attaining financial freedom.  Each one of us is is special and unique.  It is therefore important to realize that, no matter how many others there are already doing what you want to do, we each bring our own unique quality and passion into the service or product that we provide.  Instead of seeing others as competition, realize instead that they are inspiration for you, and there to help you to learn and grow.  Take pride in your own abilities and special gifts that only you can offer.  There is no one in the world exactly like you, so use this fact to benefit yourself and others.

waterfallSo what do you want to do?  Do you get excited by selling products and services?  Consider network marketing, especially if you’re the social type.  The opportunities in network marketing/multi-level-marketing (MLM) are truly limitless.  My advice on network marketing is to really love the product or service – choose something that you are passionate about.  If it’s something you would be happy to buy yourself, even if not taking part in the money-making opportunity, then it’s a pretty good bet that you’d have a lot fun with it as your business.  Look at the compensation plan and analyze how many sales you’d need to make to break even, and how many sales you’d need to make to profit.  If you believe you can do it, and you love the product or service being offered, then you’ve found yourself a very exciting opportunity to realize financial freedom and live your dreams.

Do you like to write?  Blogging may be right for you.  Did you know there are simple blogs out there on the internet that make people tens of thousands of dollars a month?  You simply pick a niche that you have expertise in, or an intense willingness to learn, and start a blog.  Blogs are particularly great to start if you have limited income, as there are actually websites out there that offer a free blog to anyone who wants one.  Write about what you love.  Set up affiliations with other companies that offer products to make commissions from, and start writing.  As others do internet searches on the subject of your blog, and find your site, you’ll attract regular readers to benefit from your insights – as well as shoppers ready to buy the products you feature, either by writing about them, or simply having their banners on your site.  As your readership grows, so does your income.  Blogging is a really fun way to achieve financial freedom.

Are you the brick-and-mortar type of entrepreneur?  Analyze your products and services, and narrow down exactly what it is you’d like to offer to people.  Consider where you want to be located – are you in a high traffic area where people can find you?  Would you need to travel far to commute to your shop or practice?  Can you afford to lease a building, or is it something you could do from a home office?  Do you have friends or other acquaintances you could network with?  Weigh it all out, but be sure to put your focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t do to achieve financial freedom in starting your business.  Always focus on the solution, not the problem.  As you put your focus on what you feel good about, the right people and circumstances will be drawn to you to help you make that happen!

Are you set on starting your own business but just need a little bit of business coaching?  I can assure you that business coaching is one of the wisest investments you can make in your dreams of achieving financial freedom.  It can literally save you months or even years of mistakes by learning from business geniuses; if you don’t have the time to spend figuring out how to do things for yourself, a little investing in business coaching will save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Taking the Right Action at the Right Time

Once you’ve clarified what you want to do, it’s time to start thinking of the actions to take to make financial freedom your reality.  So many of us get caught up in the “how” of it, that we actually lose our focus and get caught up in distractions.  We live in a physical reality; taking literal action is necessary.  But it can be easy to get so focused on taking action and “doing” that we lose sight of what we’re trying to accomplish.  The key is to take focused and deliberate action at the right time.  So here’s what you do:


Ultimately there is but one true desire – and that is to Be Who We REALLY Are. Any and every desire we have in life is but a symbol of that.
~Patricia Reed

  1.  Strengthen your spiritual connection by disconnecting from your day-to-day worries and fears.  Meditate to quiet the mind chatter.  This opens you up to listen to your instincts and intuition.

2.  Explore your feelings and thought processes, and work on your subconscious reprogramming.

3.  Nurture your conscious thoughts with positive input.

4.  Create a space for yourself, like a bubble you can peer into from your mind’s eye – see yourself in your bubble where you are living your passion, doing what you want to do, having already achieved financial freedom.  Now step into your bubble.  In your mind, experience what you are doing and how you are feeling.  After spending some time there, step back into your present reality.  What doesn’t fit?  What are you doing right now that doesn’t make sense in your bubble?  Make your adjustments.  Stop doing whatever you are doing that doesn’t fit in your bubble, and listen to your intuition and instincts about what you can do that does fit.  Always keep your end goal in the forefront of your mind when deciding if and what you should take action on next.  Visit your bubble frequently, and you will not only attract the right people and circumstances to your life to bring your goals to you, but you will also develop a sense of “knowingness,” an instinct and an intuition that will instruct you to take the right action when the opportunity presents itself to you.

There are so many different ways to achieve financial freedom – truly anything you can think of, you can do.  The important thing is to always focus your energy on what you want, and not on what you are afraid of or think you can’t do.  Use your imagination to create your life as you want it, rather than to create something you don’t want by worrying.  With complete mind-body-spirit integration, focusing on subconscious reprogramming and strengthening your spiritual connection, you can truly achieve real  financial freedom.

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