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Get into a yes mentalityGetting into a YES mentality is one of the greatest things you can do to begin to shift your life into that which is much more enjoyable to you.   What I’m referring to here is a genuine “YES” mentality – which is not the same as “yes man” or “yes but.”  A true “yes mentality” says yes to life.  Yes to joy and happiness.  Yes to service.  Yes to giving and yes to receiving, yes to allowing and yes to accepting.  Yes to Love.

A Yes Mentality “Does Unto Others…”

a yes mentality applies the golden rule to do unto others as you would have done to you“Do unto others as you would have done to you.”  The Golden Rule.  Have you ever really thought about this?  Or has it always just been a saying that you’ve taken for granted… “yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know.”  What if everyone took just a few moments and really appreciated this golden piece of advice?  What if it was applied more readily – not just at face value – but actually really meaning it?  What if, instead of approaching life from the “NO!” standpoint, everyone were to approach life from “YES! I want to!”  What if we could all automatically start with “YES!” instead of “no” and simply discern how and when to say no and set boundaries?

“Do unto others” does not mean that you do begrudgingly.  It does not mean that you do something for others because you expect that same thing to be done for you.  It does not mean that you do with expectations and then grow resentful when you don’t get back what you thought you would.  All you do in that mentality is to block yourself.  Step out of your head for a moment and ask yourself, “Do I enjoy it when other people do for me, with strings attached?”  And then, let go of the strings that you would attach to what you “do unto others,” and begin doing out of Love instead.  Do from the “YES mentality.”

Are You a “NO” Machine?

a yes mentality means you never have to feel like hidingIs the first thought to something asked of you always “NO!”?  Do you see someone approaching you and feel like you want to hide?  “Oh no, what does he want from me now!?”  Why would you have that kind of a reaction?  Because you’ve gone into “no” mentality, subconsciously and automatically.  Why would you want to help another in need?  Out of Love.  Love asks, “how may I be of service today?”  Love realizes that each act of kindness towards another is a gift also to You.  There is no sacrifice.  Do you feel angry or irritated if someone doesn’t clean up after himself or herself, and you’re the next person to come along… and so you have to clean up after them?  Do you feel resentful when that happens?  If so, that’s because you’ve already said “no,” instead of, “how may I be of service today?” or “I want to.”  Why would you want to clean up after someone?  Because of Love.  Love judges not.

Why do we automatically go into “No” mode?  Because it’s based on an illusory and untrue belief – a subconscious program – based on belief in separation from Source, which leads to the subsequent belief in lacking, scarcity, and sacrifice.  But none of these are actually True.  We just believe them to be, and filter our reality through those illusions, making up a world in which we have to struggle to survive, toil and sacrifice, and fiercely protect what is believed to be ours… be it time or money or other physical possessions.  Until we fully realize that we are all in Truth the very same One, we go into “survival” mode, which is the same as a “NO” Machine.

Reverse Polarity

To reverse polarity, just start saying YES.  Realize that whatever you give to or do for another is the same as a gift to Your Self.  There is no sacrifice; there is no giving up of one thing for another.  There is only Love in all of its manifestations, which include joy, appreciation, gratitude, freedom… and “YES!”

What if, instead, when you see that person coming towards you, you quickly say to yourself, “how can I assist this person today?  I want to.”  What if, instead of feeling irritated or resentful if you get stuck cleaning up someone else’s mess, you simply become Present and fully engaged in the doing?  Let yourself enjoy the process.  Just say, “YES!  This is OK!”

giving is yes mentalityConsider, for just a moment, the kind of person you love to be around.  Is that person someone who is constantly negative?  Or is it the person who has that “YES mentality”, “can-do” attitude, who just can’t wait to do something nice for you?  And what type of person would you rather be?  The kind of person that people can’t wait to run away from?  Or the kind of person YOU love to be around?  What is it about that person that draws you to him or her?  Why not start emulating those qualities?  It’s as simple as to begin to consider saying YES.  What if you just let go of the beliefs in lacking and scarcity and accept the Truth about Who You Really Are instead?  In Divinity – which is the Truth of Your Existence – there is no lacking or scarcity.  Why not begin to think as You Truly Are and then just watch what happens in your life and in your sense of peace and happiness?  What does it take away from you to say YES?

It’s okay to give to others.  It’s safe to Love others.  It’s possible for you to “do unto others” without losing anything in the process.  There is more to be gained than you may even imagine.  It is okay to adopt a “YES mentality” and feel perfectly abundant and prosperous and joyful all at the same time.

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