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to be right or to be happyOnce upon a time, you observed something.  You had an experience.  This particular experience became the foundation for a belief you developed.  This belief that you developed generated a particular thought pattern, manifesting a subsequent emotion, which dictated a strategy – formulated by you – to reach a particular outcome.  Depending on what experience you had, along with which belief you formed about it, the strategy you developed was then based on either moving towards something you like or avoiding something you don’t like.  Everything you’ve thought, felt, spoken, written, every behavior and action taken by you was then filtered through in such a way as to allow in only the external data which supported your original belief about the experience.  Hopefully, your early life experience was one that you formed a belief about that was joyful.

to be right or to be happyBut what if your belief was based on an early life experience that was traumatic for you in some way?  If that was the case, then you developed a belief about yourself that is the opposite of Truth.  You may have developed a belief that you’re unlucky in love relationships.  You may have developed a belief that you’re sickly.  You may have developed a belief that you have to work hard, toil away at a job you hate, and struggle just to survive.  And guess what?  You’re wrong.



Does that statement raise a few hairs on your back and feel like a kick in the gut?  Good.  That would be your ego’s resistance to being told it’s wrong.  So I’ll say it again.  You’re WRONG!  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Your “outer reality” experiences and the beliefs you make up about them are not the Real Truth. They only become your truth when you believe them and filter out all the rest of the universal data that you could allow into your awareness instead.  You begin to live life, perceiving through your filtered “skeleton version” of reality and become a slave to your own mis-creations.  Your ego needs to be right about who it thinks it is, so it will only allow in the data that supports its own beliefs, because it doesn’t know who it is without those beliefs.  Your ego would rather be right about its beliefs than happy because it’s wrong.



to be right or to be happy

“Awareness is that moment in which you accept that you were wrong about who you thought you were. Freedom is the gratitude you feel for being wrong.”
~Patricia Reed

So you think you’re unworthy?  You’re wrong.  You think you’re undeserving?  You’re wrong.  You think you’re poor?  You think you’re unlovable?  You think you’re sick?  You think you’re a victim?  A martyr?  You think you’re inferior to anyone else?  You think you’re lacking?  You think you’re mean and nasty?  Jealous?  Afraid?  Guilty?  Ashamed?  You think you’re all alone?  You think you’re depressed?  Despairing? Needy?  Anxious? Stressed?  Awful?  Say it with me now:  “I was wrong!”  Now start bouncing up and down, start jumping for joy, and say it with me:  “YAY!!!  I was wrong!  Thank you God, I was wrong!

to be right or to be happyIn Truth, you’re Perfect.  In every way.  You’re never alone.  You are Love, Joy, Wealth, Health, Innocent, Complete, Beauty, Gratitude, Appreciation, Kindness, Goodness, All-Knowing, Forgiven… you are the very Peace of God.  Stop believing all those other things you’ve been telling yourself and connect with the Truth in your Heart.  Remember Who You Really Are.  Love yourself enough to let yourself be wrong about who you thought you were, and give thanks for being wrong.  Be honest with yourself about those blockages that you’ve had, those old beliefs about who you thought you were, turn to them, face them head on, thank them for the ways in which they have taught you, and remember to remind yourself that you were wrong.  If you would like assistance with this process, contact me to set up a session to get started with digging into your particular subconscious beliefs and programs.


So what’s more important to you?  Would you rather be right about your beliefs about yourself and your life?  Or would you rather say, “Hey – I was wrong, and that’s OK – because now I can be open to the Truth.  I can love myself enough to get to know the Real Me!”   Do you want to be right or to be happy?  It’s up to you.  All it takes is the willingness to say honestly, “I was wrong,” and learn the difference between being right… and being happy.

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