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The energy I feel today when I tune into Collective Consciousness is that of confusion, frustration and a bit of overwhelm.  So many of us are feeling on edge and snapping at each other and slamming doors or having other little fits and outbursts on account of this insecurity – there’s a big sense of confusion over what to do next.  Many of us feel as though we are walking a tightrope with no safety net beneath us, should we fall.  As I ask Spirit for guidance through this energy, I’m told that that is exactly what everyone needs to do.  Ask Spirit for help.  Ask for the next step to be made clear.  Pay attention to the warning signs and red flags that are popping up for you.  When do they appear?


Typically, you get a warning sign or a red flag whenever you take a step that is not in alignment with your highest joy.  Your Divine plan may look very different from what your ego-mind thinks is your highest good in this 3D life.  What if you’re here to ascend into 5D?  What good is a 3D plan then?  Your Soul is well aware of what’s going on and will give you warning signs whenever you’re out of alignment with your Soul.  That would be the time to choose a different next step than the one you were about to take.  What is a warning sign?  A better question to ask may be, what does a warning sign feel like?  When I was in Vancouver I went for a little hike in the woods.  I saw a sign that said to beware of bears and cougars.  Some people might not think much of a warning sign like that, but the sun was setting as I was walking, and I couldn’t turn around and run fast enough back to my car.  That warning sign felt like: “stop, turn around, go back now. Run!”  So when you start feeling like that, it’s best that you pay attention to that signal, and stop, take stock of your surroundings (your thoughts) and ask yourself if you really want to take that next step you were going to take.  Pay close attention right now to your intuition as well as your instincts.  Take the warnings seriously.


Also, at this time, take small steps, and ask for help.  Go into your Heart and ask your Soul what your plan is.  Surrender your attachments to any goals you have for long enough to ask if they are in alignment with your Soul’s plan.  Ask for help in knowing just what really is your Heart’s True desire, and then pay attention to your emotions at all time.  Notice what brings tears of hope and excitement to your eyes when you think of being, having or doing something.  Notice when someone comes along who just happens to have exactly the information you need to make an informed decision about something.  Look for the synchronicities to appear in response to your asking.  Ask to see the bigger picture.  Ask to know your Divine plan for your life.  What do you really want?  Think bigger than what this 3D world offers.  What do you want even more than that beach house and fancy car?  Why stop there?  To know your next step, follow your joy.  Ask yourself what is your highest excitement at this moment?  What could I do right now that would feel the best?  What would bring me the most joy to do right now?  Write down all your choices of what you could do, and then make yourself this promise:  “I will not choose the one I feel obligated to do – I will choose the one that excites me and feels fun.”  No matter what that looks like – make that promise to yourself and then follow through with it.  Make this a habit – following your highest excitement.  This is how to know your next step.


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