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As I read the energy of Collective Consciousness today, I feel the intensity and the immensity of the stress.  It feels like we are all in a pressure cooker together, heating up and ready to explode.  As I asked Spirit for our daily message of guidance, the first response was a question that jumped out so clearly – the question is:  “What would Love say?”  And that’s what today’s guidance through the collective energy is all about today – remembering that the global and cosmic energies are all shifting, that we’re not alone in feeling the pressure, to release our anger so that our inner Love and beauty may shine through as we share the words of Love with everyone else.


Today, whenever someone says something that sets you off, remember to pause for a moment and ask yourself what Love would say to this person in response.  If you could embody Love and give Love a voice, what would you say?  If you could remember that we’re all in this pressure cooker energy together, and we’re all facing our fears as they come up to the surface, that we’re all facing our insecurities and buried beliefs and emotions, how might that change your response to someone?  Might you respond with compassion, empathy and understanding?  No, it doesn’t mean that you don’t acknowledge your own hurt feelings when someone says something hurtful to you.  But it does mean that you might do well to pause and ask what Love would say, and let the words of Love diffuse the situation, and then go back and journal about your feelings while there’s not a volatile situation exploding.


When you make the decision to speak the words of Love, and then go back and examine your emotional reactions afterwards, you allow yourself to examine the triggers behind your own anger, so that you may then release your anger.  For example, you may realize, “I felt angry because s/he wasn’t listening to me – s/he just kept talking over me and didn’t listen to a word I said,” and explore that.  If you ask yourself why that made you angry, you may discover that your anger is the shield that protects you from feeling the emotions that are behind the anger – beliefs in being unworthy, worthless, not enough/not good enough to be seen or heard, or lacking in value as a person.  These emotions are exceedingly painful, and anger acts like the shield or wall that protects us from feeling the more painful emotions from those underlying beliefs.  But we can’t clear out those beliefs until we can admit that they’re there, blocking our true inner beauty and Love.  So let the triggers lead you to what underlying subconscious beliefs you have so that you can let them go.  As you find and let go the painful underlying beliefs, you find that anger dissolves because it simply isn’t needed anymore.


Let your inner Love and beauty radiate.  Let yourself shine.  This human story doesn’t work quite right without you.  You’re an essential part of all that is.  As this Ascension process continues, remember, we’re in this together.  Be the Love that you are, and sing all the words that Love would say.


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