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The energy I feel today from Collective Consciousness is that of having made some decisions to move forward, and having a specific direction in mind, but there’s a little hesitation about leaving the old behind.  I sense some wrestling with fears and guilt about what it might mean, as far as who and what you may be leaving behind.  In asking Spirit for guidance about this, the message is, once again, that we need to follow our Hearts and proceed forward, with faith that everything is already taken care of.  Let the Love you feel for yourself and the new life you have dreamed of be greater than the fear you feel about leaving the old behind.


Specific guidance regarding a change in career:  you’ve got what it takes to make it in the business you’ve been thinking of starting.  Entrepreneurship becomes you!  There is a certain freedom you seek, which is really your Soul expanding and feeling ready to take flight.  Self-employment is one of your means to allowing your Soul to express itself through you.  Know that you have help, even when you can’t see it – it’s there.  Keep envisioning your dream as if it has already occurred, because in True Reality, it already has.  Remember:  as far as the Universe is concerned what you imagine to be real is no different than what the solid-appearing shadow reality (aka the 3D reality we’re programmed to believe is “real”) says is real.  When you feel your imagined reality is as real as the outer world, the Universe must make it so.  Your Higher Self and your guides begin making the connections necessary for the manifestation of your imagined reality.  Your job is to imagine the “what” and know that it’s real and true; the Universe’s job, along with your Higher Self and your guides, is to work out the “how” and the perception of “when.”  If you cannot quit your current job just yet, then make it a priority to spend time doing what you want to do in your spare time, with regard to the self-employment dream you have.  You can do this – and if you are reading this message now, then understand that you have been guided here for this reason – your question is answered, and you have your confirmation.


One thing that may be holding you back from taking that step to fully commit yourself to your dreams is the worry that you have to leave the old behind to do it – not just the security and safety you may be feeling with your current, familiar circumstance – but also regarding family.  Perhaps you have to move away from family members – or one in particular – who doesn’t seem to understand your dreams and wants to keep you playing small so as to have you all to him/herself.  Perhaps you have a parent who is extremely needy and attached to having you nearby.  The message regarding this is to simply embrace this situation, and let Love heal the wounds.  You can continue to enable this family member to indulge in his or her fears, or you can ask for guidance regarding the highest and best outcome for all involved and have faith that when you follow your Heart, it gives you what is best for you – and that extends out to your loved ones as well.  Leaving the old behind doesn’t mean that you stop loving the ones you love.  It simply means that you let go of what’s holding you back, with Love, gratitude and faith that old wounds can be healed once you have moved out of the stagnant energy and broken the chains that had bound you.  When it comes down to it, the one you cannot afford to abandon – is you.


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